An attempt was made in 1890, to establish a new parish in the Polish settlement.  Father Wider assembled about forty families and secured property of Beers Street for a new parish.  Father Wider did not make much progress with his new congregation, and after a few months he retired to Braddock, Pa.  The new congregation was attended for two years by the priests from St. Stanislaus' Church.  Services were held regularly in the building which served for both church and school.  In 1893, Bishop Ryan appointed Father Kozesniak pastor of this struggling congregation.  Fathers Swinarski, Slupek and Dyminski had charge of the parish for the following few years, until 1899, when the Rev. F. Kasprzak was appointed.  The parish is now well established, and has a membership of thirteen hundred families.  There are one thousand children in the school.  Although the parish began under difficulties it now gives evidence of great importance.  Its central location in the heart of the populous Polish center of East Buffalo gives it much precedence among the other Polish parishes of that section.

Father Kasprzak guilt a large school in 1906 for the fast growing parish at a cost of $80,000.  Father Kasprzak was succeeded in 1911 by Rev. Thomas Stabenau, Ph. D.  Father Stabenau remained only two years when he was succeeded by the Rev. Bartholomew Swinko, who died in May, 1915.  Rev. Anthony Majewski came in June, 1913, and the same year built a $24,000 addition to the school.

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Holly Timm
Cheektowaga, New York