Shortly after 1900, some Magyars settled in the Lower Black Rock section and attended St. Francis Xavier's Church in East Street.

In 1906, Bishop Colton induced Father John Froehlick of Ohio to form a parish for the Magyars of Buffalo. He secured land on Grant Street near Military Road, the corner-stone of the new church was laid September 30, 1906, under the title of St. Elizabeth of Hungary. The brick church was dedicated July 14, 1907. A school was started in the basement of the church and was conducted by two Sisters of St. Mary from the Annunciation parish.

The Rev. Michael Bira came in December, 1914, and guided the destiny of the little parish for two years when the Rev. Charles Boehm from Cleveland took charge.

Father Boehm visited the Magyars at Lackawanna, organized them into a congregation and built a church for them in 1918. He also bought more land and made improvements in St. Elizabeth's. He was recalled to Cleveland in 1923 and the Rev. Arthur Varady became pastor.

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