In 1912 the Rev. Patrick J. Wilson was selected by Bishop Colton to establish a new parish between St. Patrick's and St. Stephen's parishes in South Buffalo. Father Wilson rented a store on Seneca Street and converted it into a temporary church in which he said the first Mass in the newly formed parish on the last Sunday of October, 1912.

Father Wilson purchased property on Maurice Street on which there were two homes. He used one of these for a rectory. He also built a combination church and school.

Father Wilson died May 15, 1915, and the Rev. Hugh Wright was appointed pastor of St. Monica's. Father Wright directed the affairs of the parish for nearly ten years, and he added a splendid rectory, in 1919 to the parish buildings. The Rev. P.J. O'Dwyer was appointed pastor of the parish, January 1, 1925, shortly after Father Wright's death.

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