Home building had been extending south and east near the city limits and Father Bernet of St. John's decided to establish a station in Winchester for the people who resided some distance from the parish church.  In 1925 he bought a plot of land on Harlem Avenue and erected a building in which he could hold services for the small number in the neighborhood.  The first Mass was held in this building on Christmas, 1926.  On week days it is used for a school.

Father Bernet took care of the parish until March 1, 1928, when the Rev. Charles Schreckenberger was appointed first resident pastor.  Father Schreckenberger bought a large building which he moved onto the property and remodeled for a church.  The new brick school which was started in May, 1928, was ready in October.

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Holly Timm
Cheektowaga, New York