Town of Cheektowaga

CHEEKTOWAGA(1) - was formed from Amherst, March 22, 1839; and a part of West Seneca was taken off in 1851. It is an interior town, lying N. of the center of the co. The surface is level. The principal streams are Eleven Mile, Cayuga, and Slate Bottom Creeks. The soil is a heavy, tough clay. Chictawauga and Four Mile Creek are p. offices. The first settlement was made by Apollos Hitchcock, in 1808.(2) There is but 1 church (R.C.) in town.

(1)This name was given at the suggestion of Alex. Hitchcock. It is a corruption of the Seneca word "Jiik-do-waah-geh," signifying "the place of the crab-apple," the Indian name of this locality.

(2)Among the early settlers were Sam'l Lasure, Roswell Judson, Abraham Hatch, and Maj. Noble. The first birth was that of a child of Roswell Hatch, in 1810; and the first death, that of Franklin Hitchcock, in 1818. The first mill was built by Sam'l Lasure, in 1810; and the first inn was kept by Jesse Munson, in 1815.

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