Town of Colden

COLDEN(1) - was formed from Holland, April 2, 1827. It is an interior town, lying S. of the center of the co. The surface is an elevated upland, rolling in the E. and hilly in the W. The W. branch of Caznove Creek flows through the W. part of the town and is bordered by steep declivities 150 to 200 ft. high. The soil is a gravelly loam intermixed with clay. Colden, (p.v.,) on Cazenove Creek, contains a sawmill, a gristmill, and 34 houses; Glenwood, (p.v.,) on the same stream, contains 1 church, 3 sawmills, 2 lath mills, a tannery, and 30 houses. The first settlement was made in 1810, by Richard Buffum.(2) The Presbyterian, at Glenwood, is the only church in town.

(1)Named from Cadwallader D. Colden, then in the State Senate.

(2)Thos. Pope, Josiah Brown, and L. Owen settled in the town in 1810, and Jesse Southwick, Richard Sweet, Nath'l Bowen, and Silas Lewis in 1811. The first birth was that of a child of Thos. Pope, in 1811; the first marriage, that of Jas. Sweet and Charlotte Buffum, in 1810; and the first death, that of Nathaniel Bowen, in 1812. Richard Buffum built the first mill, in 1810. The first school was taught by Mary Eddy, in the winter of 1814.

Dee Pavey