Town of Collins

COLLINS - was formed from Concord, March 16, 1821. A part of Brandt was taken off in 1839, and North Collins in 1852. It lies on the S. border of the co., W. of the center. The surface is a rolling upland, sloping gradually to the W. and descending abruptly to Cattaraugus Creek upon the S. The summits of the ridges are 150 to 300 ft. above the valleys. Cattaraugus Creek forms the S. boundary of the town; and the other streams are Clear Creek and its tributaries. The channels of these streams are narrow and deep. The soil is a clayey loam on the uplands and a gravelly loam along the streams. Collins Center (p.v.) contains 1 church and 36 houses. Angola is a p.o. near the N.W. corner of the town. Gowanda lies partly in this town.(1) The first settlement was made in 1806, by Jacob Taylor.(2) There are 5 churches in town.(3)

(1)See page 194.

(2)Joshua Palmerton, Stephen Peters, Turner Aldrich, and Stephen Lapham settled in the town in 1810, and Stephen Wilbur and Sylvanus Bates in 1811. The first birth was that of a son of Aaron Lindsley, in 1810; the first marriage, that of Stephen Peterson and Sarah Palmerton, in 1811; and the first death, that of --- Straight, in 1812. Jacob Taylor built the first mill, in 1812; John Hanford kept the first store, in 1813, and Nathan King the first inn, in 1816. The first school was taught by John King, in 1815.

(3)Christians, Friends, F.W. Bap., Presb., and Union.

Dee Pavey