Several Polish families had settled some distance eastward of the Buffalo city line, and had engaged in farming. They were some distance from any church, so Bishop Turner sent the Rev. John L. Zenczek, September 12, 1925, to establish a parish for them. Father Zenczek bought eight acres of land for the church buildings, and he held services in the fire hall until the little church was completed early in December of the same year. He built the parish house at the same time, and it was ready for occupancy in May, 1926.


A few German Catholics settled in Elma in the early fifties and a priest came occasionally from Lancaster and said Mass in the home of Mr. Freiburger.

In 1900 the Rev. John Schaus said Mass the first Friday of every month in a little school which had been established by Father Feldman.

In 1905 Bishop Colton appointed the Rev. Adam Scheidel first resident pastor of Elma, and he also attended Springbrook as a mission. Springbrook became definitely separated from Elma in 1919, and now Elma stands alone with the Rev. John Schmitt as pastor.

Dee Pavey