Town of Elma

ELMA - was formed from Lancaster and Aurora, Dec. 4, 1857. It is an interior town, lying N.E. of the center of the co. Its surface is gently rolling, the summits of the ridges being 50 to 100 ft. above the valleys. Big Buffalo and Cazenove Creeks flow through the town. The soil is a clayey loam in the N. and a gravelly loam in the S. Spring Brook, (p.v.,) on Cazenove Creek, contains 2 churches and several manufactories.(1) Pop. 300. Elma(2) (p.v.) has several manufacturing establishments(3) and 34 houses; and Upper Ebenezer 27 houses. The first settlement was made in 1827, by Taber Earlle.(4) There are 2 churches in town; Presb. and R.C.

(1)2 sawmills, a shingle and turning mill, 2 gristmills, and a tannery.

(2)Named from a very large elm tree near Elma Village.

(3)1 gristmill, 2 planing mills, and a chair factory.

(4)Timothy Treat, Isaac Williams, Willard and Jas, Fairbanks, and Amasa Adams settled in the town in 1830, and Zima A. Hemstreet, Abraham Taber, and Jacob Pettengill in 1831. The first birth was that of H. Scott Fairbanks, in 1831; the first marriage, that of Gould Hinman and Louisa Adams, in 1835; and the first death, that of the wife of Isaac Williams, in 1830. The first mill was built by --- Eastabrook, in 1824; and the first inn was kept by Taber Earlle, in 1829. Emily Paine taught the first school, in 1831.

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