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From the B&ECHS:  "Please note: These individuals are not connected in any way with the Historical Society and we cannot guarantee their work. Those who wish to be listed must submit a resume and a letter of recommendation from a third party describing a satisfactorily completed local research assignment. Names are added and removed at our discretion."

The following is a list of Erie County resources and the e-mail addresses of the owners who have volunteered to do limited look-ups. Please contact George Thomas Apfel if you have any other Erie County resources and are willing to do look-ups.

  • Bidwell, Frederick David, comp. History of the Forty-Ninth New York Volunteers. (1916)
    Contact Sheila Strickland

  • Briggs, Erasmus. History of the Original Town of Concord. (1883)
    Contact Warren Zahler

  • 1850 New York Census for Buffalo, Erie Co, wards 1-5 ONLY
    Contact Denise Morthland
    Please be specific with your request, give first name as well as last name. Denise has ONLY wards 1-5 and no other townships.

  • Foley, Janet Wethy Early Settlers of New York State 1760-1942. (FTM CD # 183)
    Contact Nancy Sampson

  • French, J.H. Gazetteer of New York State, 1860.
    Contact Richard J. Harvey

  • Livsey, Karen. Western New York Land Transactions, 1804 - 1824
    Contact Richard J. Harvey

  • Marriages performed by the Rev. Alfred J. Wilcox in Chautauqua and Erie Counties 1851-1890. (See the Chautauqua County GenWeb page for the index.
    Contact Donna Mills

  • Horatio N. Walker's Buffalo Directory, 1844
    Contact Bill Koechig

  • Sardinia, NY cemetery listings
    Contact Michael P. Buttino Sr.

  • Loren Pearson owns the following books and is willing to do research as time permits:

    • Bingham, Robert Warwick, Holland Land Company’s Papers (Reports of Joseph Ellicott), Vol. 2, (1941)
    • Bingham, Robert W., The Cradle of the Queen City (A History of Buffalo to the Incorporation of the City), (1931)
    • Boyer, Dwight, Great Stories of the Great Lakes, (1966)
    • Greenwood, John O., The Fleet Histories Series (A Historical Narrative and Photographic Depiction of Former Great Lakes Fleets) Vol. 7, (1999)
    • Robertson, Imogene C. and Barcellona, Edmere C., Seventy-Five Years (A History of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences 1861-1936), (1939)
    • White, Truman C., Our County and its People (A descriptive Work on Erie County New York), Vols. 1 and 2,  (1898)

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