Town of Hamburg

HAMBURGH(1) - was formed from "Willink," (now Aurora,) March 20, 1812. A part of Evans was taken off in 1826, East Hamburgh in 1850, and a part of West Seneca, as "Seneca," in 1851. It lies on the shore of Lake Erie, near the center of the W. border of the co. Its surface in the E. is rolling; but in the W. it is nearly level, with a gentle inclination toward the lake. A bluff averaging 50 to 100 feet high borders the lake. The principal stream is Eighteen Mile Creek. The soil is mostly a clayey loam; in the S.E. corner it is gravelly. Whites Corners, (p.v.,) on the N. branch of Eighteen Mile Creek, in the S.E. part of the town, contains 5 churches, a gristmill, a sawmill, a tannery, and has a pop. of 609; Water Valley, (p.v.,) on the same stream, W. of Whites Corners, contains a woolen factory, a furnace, and 20 houses; Abbots Corners, (Hamburgh p.o.,) on the line of East Hamburgh, contains 2 churches, a sawmill, a shingle mill, and 145 inhabitants. Big Tree Corners and Hamburgh-on-the-Lake are p. offices. The first settlement was made in 1804, by Nathaniel Titus and Dr. Rufus Belden.(2) There are 7 churches in town.(3)

(1)Named from Hamburgh, in Germany.

(2)Benj., Enos, and Joseph Sheldon settled in the town in 1805, and John Fox and Elisha and David Clark in 1806. The first marriage was that of Ezekial Cook and Anna Smith, in 1807. Nath'l Titus kept the first inn, in 1804; and John Cummings built the first mill, in 1805.

(3)Bap., F.W. Bap., Evang. Luth., M.E., and R.C. at Whites Corners, and M.E. and Presb. at Abbotts Corners.

Dee Pavey