Town of Holland

HOLLAND - was formed from "Willink," (now Aurora,) April 15, 1818; and Colden was taken off in 1827. It lies upon the E. border of the co., S.E. of the center. The surface is a high, broken upland, divided by the valley of Cazenove Creek. The summit of the highland is about 900 ft. above Lake Erie. The soil is a gravelly loam, intermixed in some places with slate and clay. The valley of Cazenove Creek is very fertile. Holland, (p.v.,) on Cazenove Creek, contains 1 church, several manufacturing establishments,(1) and 28 houses. The first settlement was made in 1807, by Jared Scott, Abner Currier, and Arthur Humphrey, from Vt.(2) There is but 1 church (Bap.) in town.

(1)2 sawmills, a gristmill, and a tannery; the last named is a large establishment, employing about 20 men, and turning out about 30,000 sides of leather per annum.

(2)They were followed by Dan'l McKean and Ezekial and Harvey Colby the same year, and by Increase Richardson, Samuel Miller, Theophilus Baldwin, and Sandford Porter in 1808. The first birth was that of Dan'l McKean, in 1808. Joshua Parsons kept the first inn, in 1817, and Leonard Cook the first store, the same year. The first school was taught by Abner Currier, in 1808.

Dee Pavey