Town of Marilla

MARILLA(1) - was formed from Alden and Wales, Dec. 2, 1853. It is situated near the center of teh E. border of the co. The surface is rolling. Big Buffalo Creek crosses the S.W. corner; but the principal part of the town is drained by the head waters of Little Buffalo Creek. The soil in the N.E. and S.W. is a sandy and gravelly loam; but elsewhere it consists of clay and muck. Marilla, (p.v.,) situated near the center of the town, contains 3 churches , 2 sawmills, a shingle mill, and 235 inhabitants. The first settlement was made by Jerry and Joseph Carpenter, in 1829.(2) There are 3 churches in town; Disciples, M.E., and R.C.

(1)Named from Mrs. Marilla Rogers, of Alden.

(2)Rice Wilder, Cyrus Finney, and Rodman Day settled in the town in 1831. The first birth was that of Sarah Finney, in Oct. 1831. Jesse Barton built the first sawmill, in 1828, and the first gristmill, in 1832. Miles Carpenter kept the first store, in 1848, and the first inn, in 1850. The first school was taught by Sophia Day, in 1833.

Dee Pavey