Priests came occasionally from Buffalo, Batavia or Springbrook to Akron, before any attempt was made to organize a parish or build a church. The following priests visited Akron: Rev. J.M. Early, 1853-54; Rev. M. Kavanagh, 1854-56; Rev. J.V. O'Donoghue, 1856-58; Rev. D. English, 1859-61. In 1865 property was bought in a central location in the town, and a little frame building was erected on this land for church purposes. The priest came here occasionally from Springbrook until it became a regularly attended mission, attached to the parish of Springbrook. In 1866 the Rev. J. Constant dwelt at Akron for a short period as the first resident pastor. The parish, however, was not sufficiently strong to suppot a resident pastor at this time, and it again was attached to the parish of Springbrook. About 1869 Akron was formed into a parish with a resident pastor, and for many years Crittenden formed with it one parish. Like most other small places, Akron had a long list of pastors. The following remained for different periods as pastors of the little parish: The Rev. P. Mazureth, Rev. J. O'Donoghue, Rev. M. O'Dwyer, Rev. P. O'Mara, Rev. E.J. Dailey, Rev. M. O'Shea, and Rev. T. Herrick.

The parish had no notable events in its history, nor important changes in its buildings or surroundings until the advent of the Rev. M.P. Connery. Father Connery came in 1881; and he soon afterwards sold the little church building, which was moved from the grounds and converted into a hotel, known as the West Shore Hotel. The Rev. J. O'Donoghue had purchased this building from the Baptists, and had sold the first church built by the Catholics of Akron to the Lutherans (and it still does duty in the town as a meeting house for the members of the Lutheran denomination.) Father Connery immediately erected a handsome and convenient church building and a comfortable parochial residence, on the land which had been purchased some years previous. Father Connery remained here five or six years and placed the property in very good condition, and left it without debt.

When the Pembroke parish was formed, Crittenden was detached from Akron and became a part of the new parish. After Father Connery came the Rev. W. Morrison, the Rev. E. Purcell, the Rev. E. Duffy and the Rev. H. Kingston, as pastors of the Akron parish.

The Rev. H.J. Kingston was pastor from 1903 to 1908, and he purchased ground for a new cemetery which was blessed by Bishop Colton, October 7, 1906.

Rev. D.J. Ryan succeeded Father Kingston July, 1908, and remained until November 19, 1917, when he was succeeded by the Rev. John Uriel.

Father Uriel turned a frame building on the property into a hall, and had an electric lighting system installed on the property.

In 1920 he purchased some property adjoining the church. In 1922 Father Uriel erected a little brick church at Clarence for the Catholics of the vicinity, which is attended as an out mission. The church was dedicated by Bishop Turner, October 15, 1922.

Dee Pavey