Town of Newstead

NEWSTEAD - was formed from Batavia, (Genesee co.,) as "Erie," April 11, 1804; its name was changed April 18, 1831. It is the N.E. corner town of the co. A limestone terrace extends through near the center of the town. North of this the surface is level, in many places marshy; and the soil is a clayey loam intermixed with marl and sand. To the S. the surface is level, or gently undulating, and the soil a sandy and clayey loam underlaid by limestone. The town is watered by several small streams, the principal of which is Murder Creek.(1) A layer of hydraulic limestone crops out along the terrace, and waterlime is extensively manufactured from it. Akron,(2) (p.v.,) incorp. Oct. 1850, is a station on the Canandaigua & N.F. branch of the N.Y.C.R.R., near the center of the town. It contains 4 churches and several manufacturing establishments.(3) Pop. 462. Falkirk, 1 mi. E. of Akron, is a hamlet. The first settlement was made in the early part of the present century.(4) The first religious society (M.E.) was organized in 1807, with 12 members, at the house of Charles Knight, by Rev. Peter Van Nest and Amos Jenks. There are 4 churches in town.(5)

(1)Called by the Indians "See-un-gut," noise or roar of distant water. The creek was named from the fact that about the time of the first settlement a white man was murdered upon it, within the present village limits of Akron, by an Indian who was conducting him to Canada.

(2)Named from Akron, Ohio, and the latter from a Greek word signifying "summit."

(3)2 gristmills, 2 sawmills, 1 waterlime mill, 1 furnace and machine shop, 1 planing mill, 1 stave and shingle mill, and a tannery.

(4)Among the early settlers were Otis Ingalls, David Cully, Peter Van de Venter, Sam'l Miles, John Felton, Charles Barney, Aaron Beard, Robt. Durham, Tobias Cole, and Sam'l, Silas, John, and Thomas Hill. Peter Van de Venter kept the first inn, in 1802, and Archibald Clark the first store, in 1809. The first schoool was taught by ---Keith, in 1807.

(5)Bap., Presb., M.E., and R.C.

Dee Pavey