Town of North Collins

NORTH COLLINS - was formed from Collins, Nov. 24, 1852, as "Shirley;" its name was changed June 24, 1853. It is an interior town, lying in the S.W. part of the co. Its surface is rolling, the summits of the ridges being 200 to 300 ft. above the valleys. The town is watered by the head branches of Eighteen Mile, Clear, and Big Sister Creeks. The streams generally flow through deep ravines bordered by steep declivities. The soil is a gravelly loam. North Collins, (Collins p.o.,) in the N.W. part of the town, contains 2 churches and 34 houses. Shirley, (p.v.) and Langford, (p.o.,) in the N.E. part, New Oregon, (p.o.,) in the E. part, and Marshfield, (p.o.,) in the S., are hamlets. The first settlers were Stephen Sisson, Abram Tucker, and Enos Southwick, from Warren co., who moved into the town in 1810.(1) There are 8 churches in town.(2)

(1)The first birth was that of Geo. Tucker, in Aug. 1810; the first marriage, that of Levi Woodward and Hannah Southwick, in 1812; and the first deaths, those of two girls, twin daughters of Stephen Sisson. Stephen Stancliff built the first mill, in 1818; Stephen Tucker kept the first inn, and Chester Rose the first store, both in 1813. The first school was taught by Phebe Southwick, in the summer of 1813.

(2)2 Friends, 2 M.E., 2 R.C., Bap., and Cong.

Dee Pavey