Town of Orchard Park

EAST HAMBURGH - was formed from Hamburgh, as "Ellicott," Oct. 15, 1850. A part of West Seneca, as "Seneca," was taken off in 1851. Its name was changed Feb. 20, 1852. It is an interior town, lying near the center of the co. The surface is a broken upland. Chestnut Ridge, the highest land in the town, has an elevation of about 500 ft. above Lake Erie. The declivities of the hills are generally gradual slopes, broken by narrow ravines formed by the streams. Smokes Creek and its branches are the most considerable streams. The soil is a loam, gravelly in the N. and clayey in the S. East Hamburgh, (p.v.,) N. of the center of the town, contains 2 churches, 2 sawmills, and 40 houses. Ellicott (p.o.) is a hamlet. The first settlement was made in 1803, by David Eddy, from Rutland, Vt.(1) There are 3 churches in town; Friends, M.E., and Union.

(1)Ezekial Cook and Zenas Smith settled in the town in 1803, and Amos Colvin and Ezekial and Daniel Smith in 1804. The first marriege was that of Almon C. Laire and Lydia Sprague, in 1808; the first birth, that of a son of Daniel Smith, in 1805; and the first death, that of the same child, in 1806. Dan'l Smith built the first mill, in 1807; John Green kept the first inn, in 1807, and David Eddy the first store, in 1809. The first school was taught by Anna Eddy, in 1807.

Dee Pavey