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Posted Queries for June 1999


Seeking to correspond and exchange information with researchers and descendants of the METZ family of St. Mary's Church, Buffalo. Family members include: generation #1: George Jacob METZ & wife Barbara BARON. generation #2: Jacob METZ & wife Anna Maria WITTMANN; Elizabeth METZ & husband Adam FETH; Joseph METZ & wife Julia FRIEDERICH; Valentin METZ & wife Josephine HOEFNER. generation #3: Elizabeth METZ & husband Engelhard FETH; Valentine Jacob METZ & wife Josephine DIEBOLT; Maria Anna METZ & husband Joseph METZ; Valentine Joseph METZ & wife Mary CONRAD; Ottilia METZ & husband Franz BERGMAN. generation #4: Theresa METZ & husband Anthony ZIMMERMAN; Mary Frances METZ & husband Joseph STURM; Josephine METZ & husband Frank TANGELDER; Eleanora METZ & husband George FUNK; Harry METZ & wife Josephine STETTER.

HAWES, JOHNSTON posted by M. Johnston on Tuesday, June 1, 1999

Looking for death and buriel information on Reuben HAWES born about 1843 NY and his wife Angeline __?__. They lived in Springville and the family states they are buried there. Their son Delos HAWES married to Susanna JOHNSTON (of East Otto,NY). Delos and his wife came to Pontiac,MI in the early 1900's his wife Susanna died in Pontiac and was buried in Springville. I am also looking for the cemetery she is buried in.

HADLEY, RODGERS, ROGERS posted by Judy Brunson-Hadley on Wednesday, June 2, 1999

HADLEY, Harrison b. abt 1816 Vermont (or NH), was living in in Holland, Erie Co., NY by at least the early 1840's and died there 1889. Married Lucinda ROGERS (aka Lucina RODGERS). Children: Miranda b. abt 1842, Freeman b. Apr 1846, Vienna (not positive on her name), b. abt 1849. Looking for any information on Harrison HADLEY and his ancestors and descendants. I have some information on Freeman Hadley's descendants that I'm happy to share. Thank you for your help!

CIEPLINSKI, PACZYNSKI posted by Brianna on Thursday, June 3, 1999

Any information at all known about John PACZYNSKI or Joan CIEPLINSKI. Both were born in the early 1900s. John came over from Poland, Joan was born in the U.S., but her parents came from Poland also. Specifics are not known.

GABLE, SCHULSTER posted by Kurt J Kremlick Jr on Thursday, June 3, 1999

Searching for information on GABLE family who had 9 children Lived in Erie Co area c 1840 or before. Family came from Trier, Germany (date unknown) mother's name appears to have been Catherine, father's name unknown but may be similiar to one of his son's. Children's names: Peter, Fred, Wendel, Michael, Elizabeth, John, Jacob, Martin and Catherine. Johh married a woman from NJ named Susanna SCHULSTER before 1850, probably mid 1840's. Cathjerine married a man named Paul, Elizabeth married a man named Dunn. Any information on this family would be most appreciated.

BUTLER, CONSTANCE, DIGGS posted by Reginald H. Pitts on Friday, June 4, 1999

Looking for information on the children of John W. and Harriet Maria (BUTLER) CONSTANCE, originally from Gettysburg PA (Adams); John was the son of Aaron (1810-57) and Eliza; Harriet, the second child of Samuel and Elizabeth (DIGGS) B. (1808-84); John and Harriet married in 1865 and moved to Buffalo where they lived at 148 Oak Street in 1880 and at 40 William Street in the 7th Ward of the City of Buffalo in 1900. Children were: Anna, born 1867; John Wesley,Jr., born October 1870; Henry Butler, born January 1875; Mary, born 1873; Gertrude E., born October 1880; Frederick C., born December 1883 Any information welcomed. Thanks. Reg

EDWARDS, MARTINDALE, OUTWHAITE posted by Reginald H. Pitts on Friday, June 4, 1999

Looking for information on Bertram H. EDWARDS, a/k/a Bertie or Bert, born Buffalo NY 21 August 1876, son of Charles Jonathan EDWARDS and Mary Isabel OUTWHAITE. Bert married Mary Electa MARTINDALE in either Sherman or Ripley NY (Chautauqua) on 21 August 1899, and their son Merle Lloyd EDWARDS was born in Conneaut OH (Ashtabula) 21 April 1900. Charles was probably born in Dudley, Worcestershire, England, and may have been the son of James Thompson and Fanny EDWARDS. Any information on any of these people will be gratefully received. Reg

HAWLEY, JANES posted by Mary Jane Johnson on Saturday, June 5, 1999

Seeking information about John M. JANES who lived in Erie Co. possibly as early as 1816. In 1827 he married Betsey S. HAWLEY at Boston, Erie Co., possibly his second marriage. They had four children: Mary, Julia, Milton and George beofre they moved to Wisconsin in 1839. thank you for any information.

HAWLEY, JANES posted by Mary Jane Johnson on Saturday, June 5, 1999

Seeking information about a ggggrandfather John M. JANES who may have lived in Erie Co. as early as 1816. In 1827 he married Betsey S. HAWLEY at Boston, Erie Co. according to his 1812 War pension application. They lived at Wales, Erie Co. where they had four children: Mary, Julia, Milton & George before moving to Wisconsin in 1839. He may have been married prior. In 1830 he is listed as "Jones" in the census.

AULD, ROBERTSON posted by Leslie Gerard on Sunday, June 6, 1999

I am looking for information on the family of Robert AULD and wife Margaret ROBERTSON who came to the Buffalo area in 1905/1906 from Scotland, via Toronto. Children were Annie, Mary, Robert, William, George, Hugh and Margaret. All were born in Gartly, Scotland except for Margaret who was born in Buffalo in 1906. I can provide more information if anyone has a connection. Thanks.

DICKINSON, SCHREIBER, SULLIVAN posted by Leslie Gerard on Sunday, June 6, 1999

I am looking for information on Thomas DICKINSON and wife Catherine SULLIVAN who lived in the Buffalo area in the mid to late 1800's. He and Catherine were married in St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Buffalo Aug 3 1863. Thomas was originally from England, Catherine from Ireland. Children were: Sarah, Luke, Thomas Charles and John. Thomas Charles was my great grandfather and was born in 1875 in Buffalo. He married Caroline SCHREIBER around 1890. He died in 1906. Children were Sarah, William Thomas, Caroline, Bertha, Infant (?), Thomas Charles, and Samuel Winegar. I can provide more information if anyone has a connection. Thanks

DICKINSON, RUPP, SCHREIBER posted by Leslie Gerard on Sunday, June 6, 1999

I am looking for infomation on Carl Wilhelm SCHREIBER and wife Salome RUPP who came to the Buffalo area about 1870 from Eggenstein, Germany. Their children were: Licetta, Andrew, Charles and Caroline (Carrie). Carrie was the only child born in Buffalo and she married Thomas Charles DICKINSON about 1890. Children were: Sarah, William Thomas, Caroline, Bertha, Infant (?), Thomas Charles and Samuel Winegar. Thanks

BORDEN, HATCH posted by Tom McGrath on Sunday, June 6, 1999

Looking for info on Harry Augustus HATCH. Born 1883, Penacook, NJ and died 1953, Paterson, NJ. Lived at some point between 1890 and 1930 in Buffalo, NY area. May have been married. His father's name was Joseph HATCH and his mother was Susan BORDEN.

TROTTNOW posted by Bob Schwietert on Monday, June 7, 1999

I am researching the surname TROTTNOW, and would appreciate any informaton on this suname.

ADAMS, SMITH posted by Lynda and Ronald Smith on Monday, June 7, 1999

Looking for information on a SMITH, Robert b. May 20, 1865 in possibly Tonawanda, NY. Mothers name ? Mary SMITH fathers name Unknown SMITH. Father reported to have been shot and killed while trying to avoid the draft. Mary legally surrendered Robert to The American Female Guardian Society on Nov. 14, 1866. He was then put with the Anson ADAMS family somewhere in NY. But most likely close to where ever the Society Home was. Any help with this would be so greatly appreciated. Lynda and Ron Smith

HARBOLD, HOAG posted by Debra Sommers on Wednesday, June 9, 1999

Looking for any additional information for a connection to Frand George HOAG born 1895 married to Elinor HARBOLD or also Born 1895. Any information is welcome!

FORNESS, KIRSCH, WALER posted by Bill Jersey on Wednesday, June 9, 1999

I'm looking for information on the family of Anthony FORNESS. According to his probate file, his children were Andrew, John, Michael, Peter, Theresia (WALER), Joseph, Florenze, and Ignatz. They settled in the Williamsville area about 1830. At the time of his death, they were all living in Erie Co. NY with the exception of Peter (France) and Theresia (Ohio). I beleive that Florenze went down to Erie PA. John died in 1851 and was married to Rosina ?. Ignatz (1820 - 1901) married Katherine KIRSCH (daughter of Jacob KIRSCH and Barbara KIRSCH).

BAETZ, BETZ, ERHART, FASSNACHT, GLUNZ, JAUCH, REDLEIN, REIHL, SCHMIDT posted by Jillaine Smith on Thursday, June 10, 1999

All of the above surnames came from the Wurttemberg region of Germany (with the possible exception of Jauch, who may have come from Switzerland), and emigrated to Buffalo somewhere around 1840-1850. Elisabeth Betz (b.1820) married Leonhard Schmidt (b. 1818) in Buffalo. Their son Philip Leonhard Schmidt (b. 1851) married Elizabeth Fassnacht (b. 1852), daughter of Johannes Fassnacht (b. 1822) and Regina Erhart (b. 1823-1834) who married on the ship from Altensteig, Germany. P.L. Schmidt's son, John Patrick Smith (nee Schmidt 1882), married Paulina Jauch (b.1884), daughter of Ludwig/Louis Jauch (b. 1839) and Paulina Glunz (b. 1847) I'm most interested in relatives of Elisabeth Betz (who we're convinced is related to a Heinrich Baetz and a Phillip Betz), as well as the Schmidt and Fassnacht lines. Thank you.

KINSEL, KRAFT posted by Sharon Dhom on Friday, June 11, 1999

I am searching for the baptism records of Louisa KINSEL, who was born in Buffalo, NY on 22 Feb. 1832, and her brother William Louis KINSEL, who was born 7 Apr. 1836 in Buffalo, NY. Their sister Sarah Rosalie Dorthea KINSEL was baptised on Oct. 1830 at St. Louis Catholic Church by pastor Nicholas Mertz. Their parents were Charles (called Carlo) KINSEL who was born ca.1791-94 in Alsace, France. He married Christina KRAFT who was born ca.1800 also in Alsace. They married on Jan. 1830 in St. Louis Catholic Church in Buffalo, NY. They were married by Nicholas Mertz. I am interested in any and all information on this family and also on these surnames from this area.

RAPPLEYEA posted by Kelly Crosby on Saturday, June 12, 1999

RAPPLEYEA, Hiram, b. about 1836, wife Bincy?, son Hiram Edward b. about 1869 in Erie County. Looking for any information on family and ancestry. Hiram Sr.'s father may have been John RAPPLEYEA. They are on the 1880 Erie County Census. Please Help! Thank you... Kelly

GABLE posted by Kurt J Kremlick Jr on Saturday, June 12, 1999

Searching for information re John W GABLE and his family who lived in Erie Co in the 1840. Originally from Germany according to information I have received. John married a Susanna SCHULSTER from NJ and went to NJ where tow children were born, Mary and Peter A. after 1850 her returned to Buffalo area and they had a 2nd son, John Martin. DoB unknown. Sometime after that birth he went to Minnestot and there was a 3rd son born Joseph Michael. John died in St. Paul c 1856 accordiung to recxently secured informatoin and is buried there. His wife and family may have returned to Buffalo area or more probably to NJ where she remarried. Any information on this family or his parents would be most appreciated.

BERGQUIST, BOYLAN, DEBOBEN, HOPPE, LARSON, SCHNEIDER posted by Pat Petrizzo on Saturday, June 12, 1999

Frederick and Caroline DEBOBEN lived in Buffalo in 1920. they had five children: Frederick, Arthur, Alfred, Viola, Florence. Looking for info about Frederick DEBOBEN's ancestors, origin and siblings. Also looking for info about where their children went, females married names, etc. Thanks, Pat

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