Town of Sardinia

SARDINIA - was formed from Concord, March 16, 1821. A part of Concord was taken off in 1822. It is the S.E. corner town of the co. The surface in the E. part is gently rolling, and in the W. hilly. Shepherd Hill, S.W. of the center, is 1,040 ft. above Lake Erie. Cattaraugus Creek forms the S. boundary. In the E. part the soil is a gravelly loam, and in the W. it is clay underlaid by hardpan. Sardinia, (p.v.,) in the S.E. part, contains 2 churches, a woolen factory, a gristmill, a tannery, and 40 houses. Protection is a p.o. The first settlement was made by George Richmond, from Vt.(1) The first religious services were conducted by the Rev. John Spencer, in Feb. 1815. There are 2 churches in town; Bap. and M.E.

(1)Among the early settlers were Ezra Nott, Henry Godfrey, and Josiah Summer. Elisha Rice and Giles Briggs settled in the town in 1810. The first birth was that of Ray Briggs, in 1811; and the first death, that of a son of Henry Godfrey, in 1814. Sumner Warren built the first mill, in 1811; Geo. Richmond kept the first inn, in 1811; and Clark & Co. the first store, in 1816. The first school was taught by Melinda Abbey, in 1814.

Dee Pavey