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Essex County

Essex County, was originally settled from New England. Its greatest length N. and S. 43,. greatest breadth E. and W. 41 miles; centrally distant from New York 271, and from Albany 126 miles. “The surface of this county is decidedly mountainous, in which respect it bears a striking contrast to the St. Lawrence. In addition to this, it may be remarked, that the hills, as well as the mountains, are steep and abrupt, and almost uniformly present, on one side, a precipice nearly perpendicular. In this county there are no long and gradual slopes, or gentle risings towards the mountain summit, but they are always bold and difficult of ascent. A surface of country thus characterized, combined also with great height, both of the general surface and especially of numerous peaks, alters to a very great extent its agricultural character. By this combination, the mean temperature of the county is reduced so low, that the cultivation of some of the most useful vegetables is prevented, or they are crops so uncertain, on account of late springs and early autumnal frosts, that little inducement is held out for trying them even as matters of experiment.

“The whole of this county lies within the northern primitive district, except a strip, of lower secondary, which borders the lake for many miles, and which has generally a surface of rock lime. Iron ore of the best quality abounds everywhere on the hills; marble is apparent in Moriah; plumbago in several districts; ochres, from which paint is made, in Ticonderoga; and some copper, it is said, has been discovered in the northern part of the county.” The county is divided into 15 towns. (Historical Collections of the State of New York, Past and Present, John Barber, Clark Albien & Co., 1851)

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Essex County Towns

Chesterfield Crown Point Elizabethtown Essex
Jay Keene Lewis Moriah
Minerva Newcomb Schroon Ticonderoga
Westport Willsborough Wilmington  

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