Chateaugay, New York
Submitted by Dave Wells

The cemetery is located behind the old Atwater home on a pine knoll. The home is on the Lewis Road about ½ miles west of the village of Chateaugay off from route 11 to the north. Visited by C.W. McCellan July 16, 1949.


Abram Atwater died Nov 24, 1844 ae 70 yrs
Tamson, wife of Abram Atwater died Mar 6, 1872 ae 79 yrs
Dolly M.J. dau of Abram & Tamson Atwater died Feb 26, 1841 ae 19 yrs
Alanson, son of A. & T. Atwater died Aug 1, 1841 ae 38 yrs

Wicklief son of A. & T. A. Atwater died Aug 1, 1842 ae 3 yrs

Thadeous Sheldon died June 18, 1847 in his 71 yr of his age
Melinda, wife of Thaddeus Sheldon died Dec 6, 1853 ae 66 yrs

A tombstone in the Sandy Knoll Cemetery north of Chateaugay with the following information on it:
1774 Abram B. Atwater 1844
1793 Tamson Drew 1872
1822 Dolly M. 1841
John died 1827
1829 George C. 1853
1803 Alanson 1841
1814 Lydia Thomas 1905
1839 Wicklief 1842
All buried in Atwater Cemetery


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