Brushton High School Class of 1938


Bottom Row: Left To Right Hilda M. Guyette, Marguerite F. Clark, Irene E. Forkey, Emma A. Turner, Harriet E. Wright,

Katherine F. Sayles, Marjorie D. Orton, Rhoda E. Hasttings, Dorthy L. Pickering, Eugenia M. Bordeau.

Middle Row: Machael C. Traynor, William C. Guyette, Robert E. Aiken, Donald J. Holland, Principal- Howard J. Finely,

Class Advisor- Robert L. Patten, Robert L. Sullivan, Gordon G. Prue, Harrison B. Frew,

Top Row: Thomas C. Trumble, Lawrence R. Dodd, William J. Powell, Wells W. Whitman.


1999 Picture Donated by William C. Guyette

I have a full size picture if requested.