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Please Read Before You Write

Thank you for your interest in our site!

As volunteers for the GenWeb and ALHN sites, we are interested in posting historical or genealogical material on the net.  This material may be found by us, or provided to us by other researchers.  We are not professional historians or genealogists, simply other amateur researchers who are interested in helping to make this information more widely available!  Unless otherwise posted, we do not have any further resources available to us other than what is already available on this site, that can be researched to answer your inquiries!  So keeping this in mind... 

For specific questions on your family or on the history of the area:

  • please look through all the material available on this site and the other linked sites on our pages and send mail to anyone willing to do lookups on the subject(s) of interest,  or write to the County Historian or appropriate Town Historian
Please write to me only if:
1)  you have found any type of problem with links or images, etc. on this site, 
2)  you have material or services to donate to this site, 
3)  you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve this site
and please be sure to put Hamilton county in the message or subject of your email! 

Lisa Slaski - ALHN and GenWeb Hamilton county co-ordinator

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