Herkimer County, New York
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History of Herkimer County

From the US GenWeb's Herkimer county site:

1860 French's Gazetteer of Herkimer County: from the "Gazetteer of the State of New York", by J. H. French, copyright 1860
1869 Profile and History of Herkimer County, NY: from the "Gazetteer and Business Directory of Herkimer County, N.Y. 1869-1870"
Early Herkimer County History : from "History of New York State 1523-1927", edited by Dr. James Sullivan, copyright 1927

Links to Other History Pages on the Web:

History of the Village of Poland and History of the Schools of the Village of Poland , both from the Poland Virtual School site

Other Articles of Special Interest

From the US GenWeb's Herkimer county site:

Who Were the Palatines?  an excellent history behind the Palatine immigration to the US
Little Journeys along the Old Mohawk Turnpike  Caughnawaga Chapter D. A. R., Fonda, NY, 1923
The Story of Old Fort Johnson  by W. Max Reid, 1906

Links to Other Articles of Special Interest on the Web:

1868 Map of the State of New York Showing its Canals and Railroads 249k jpeg

History of Little Falls Canal

History of the Erie Canal

Other Web Sites of Interest

US GenWeb; Herkimer & Montgomery counties : site includes many genealogical and historical articles, including those previously linked to on this page, as well as a great selection of links to other sites.

Fort Klock : site includes many historical and genealogical articles and books, including Benton's 1856 "History of Herkimer County and the Upper Mohawk Valley".  Check out the "Contents" page.

Herkimer County Historical Society : site includes books for sale from the society and info about how to request research.

Town of Webb Historical Association : site includes a nice history of this township of Herkimer county as well as history and genealogy research links and info.  Other township histories can be found at the US GenWeb site listed above.

Herkimer Home, Little Falls, NY : a State Historic Site.

Existing Railroad Stations in NYS : a searchable database.

Panoramic View Maps : a database of panoramic maps of cities and villages across the US.

Reproductions of Old Maps

Illion Jr/Sr High School Alumni site

Herkimer High School Yearbook On-line

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