Antwerp, Jefferson, NY

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The territory embraced in the town of Antwerp lies in the form of a parallelogram, of which the longer lines run about northwest and southeast. The towns of Philadelphia and Wilma join it on the southwest, and Theresa on the northwest, while its northeastern and southeastern boundaries respectively are the counties of St. Lawrence and Lewis. Its surface, which cannot properly be termed hilly, is yet rolling rocky ridges; notwithstanding which blemish the soil is strong and productive.

The principal stream is Indian river, which enters from Wilma, and after making a bold sweep towards the northeast and passing through the principal village, flows back across the southwest line into Philadelphia. There is also the Oswegatchie river, which enters the town from the northeast, and making a short and abrupt bend, known as the "Ox Bow", passing the village of the same name, turns sharply back into St. Lawrence county, after having received Antwerp’s tribute, a small stream flowing lout from her three lakes, which are Sherman’s, Vroomans, and --------- , the last named lying on the northwestern boundary, ---- partly in the town of Theresa.

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December 26, 1999

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