[from a postcard mailed in 1902]

        The Sackets Harbor Union School was a wood and brick structure that stood at the southwest corner of Broad St. & West Washington St., just east of the George Tisdale Home. The building was demolished in the early 1900's and replaced by the present school building which stands on South Broad St.

Class of 1890

[Donated by Marilyn (Gordinier) Halstead of Adams]

Notes on Students

- Edward Cobb married Martha, and in 1923 purchased the old Membery Home in Camps Mills.
- Albert Washburn, born 1875, died 1912, was son of Theodore Washburn & Jeanette Rice, daughter of Gen. Albert Rice of Adams, after whom Rice's Corners Cemetery is named. Albert Washburn married on Wedenesday, 11 September 1901, Winifred Armstrong Vincent of Point Peninsula, at her home, Rev. F.H. Richardson officiating.
- Homer Washburn, born 1873, died 1924, son of Silas Washburn & Esther Stoodley, was Albert's first cousin (above); he lived on the Washburn Home Farm until his death. He never married.
- Annie Godfrey, wife of Prof. John Bronson of Long Island, was daughter of Capt. Ralph Godfrey & Jane Stoodley, thus also a first-cousin of Albert & Homer Washburn (above). Jane occupied her parents' home at 205 West Washington St., Sackets Harbor, known as the Dyer Burnham House. Capt. Ralph Godfrey, along with Jane Stoodley's first cousin Manuel Jeffrey (sexton of Sackets Harbor Presbyterian Church), were both injured in February 1884 during the dismantling of the War of 1812-era ship-of-the-line New Orleans at Sackets Harbor.
- Helen Godfrey, was likely a sister of Annie (above).


Class of Spring 1856

        The following list of names comes from a two-page typed document in a binder relating to the Town of Hounsfield at the Genealogy Department of the Flower Memorial Library in Watertown, Jefferson Co., New York.  The original order has been preserved here, since there appears to be a repeating alphabetical structure that may be a rough indication of different grade levels (though no grades are noted). An alphabetical list is also available here for convenience.

Be sure to scan the entire list for variant name spellings.  For example, Fralick and Fralic are clearly the same surname, but a correlation between Van Plech and Van Fleck may not be so obvious at first glance:


"Scholars who attended Sackets Harbor Union School during the spring term 1856 and closing July 25, 1856"

Barrows, William
Burr, Oscar
Burr, Edwin
Barney, Delos
Bacon, Fred
Boyd, Antony
Boyd, James
Dey, Murray
Eveleigh, Mathew
Hall, Charles
Hall, George
Hooper, Andrew
Kennedy, Ackley
Lane, Henry
Loomis, Charles
Loomis, Hobert
Jooker, Frank
Morsman, Marenus
McKee, Webber
Noonen, Francis
O'Brien, Michael
Root, John
Root, Lemuel
Robbins, Forrest
Robbins, Granger
Robbins, Clinton
Rowlson, Malcolm
Perigo, Charles
Smith, Charles
Shepherd, Eli
Scroxton, John Sheehan, Thomas Stuart, Albert
Stull, John
Tyler, John
Gracy, Oliver
Redfield, Byard
Van Plech, Gule
Westcott, Shuble
Winniw, James
Butts, Chloe
Butts, Caroline
Barrows, Frances
Chamberlain, Sophia
Camp, Emma
Conley, Anna
Ellenwood, Mary
Eveleigh, Elvina
Fralich, Harrist
Fralick, Mary
Hammond, Frances
Hammond, Elmina
Herron, Mary
Harlow, Anna
Hilley, Bridget
Lawrence, Mary
Lawrence, Emma
Lane, Anna
Lewis, Sarah
Kellogg, Helen
March, Sophia
Morris, Sarah
Morcumb, June
McDowell, Mary
Myers, Elizabeth
O'Brien, Helen
Parsons, Elizabeth Phillips, Elizabeth
Redfield, Elizabeth Robbins, Elimira
Redfield, Susan
Simpson, Cleanthia
Stoodley, Sarah
Scroxton, Lucy
Stuart, Caroline
Tully, Margaret

Tulley, Elen
Thum, Amanda
Van Fleck, Amelia
Van Winckle, Emeline
Viorins, ELiza
Westcott, Livonus
Westcott, Jenette
Brice, Catherine
Fisher, Emma
Alexander, Augusta
Barrows, Henry
Butts, Adaline
Butts, Fanny
Barney, Frederick
Bursley, Nancy
Bacon, Caroline
Bracy, Fred
Crippon, Sarah
Conlin, Richard
Conlin, Ella
Conlin, Martha
Cres, Edith
Day, Lewis
Ellinwood, Diantha
folsome, Catherine
Fairbrother, Henry
Fairbrother, Eddy
Fralic, John
Heron, James
Hall, Clarie
Hooker, George
Holbrook, Walter
holdridge, Herbert
Kelley, Hugh
Kelley, Patrick
Kelley, Catha
Lawrence, Elman
Lane, Albert
Lewis, Edgar
Morris, Samuel
Morris, Minny
Marcomb, Josph
Morrison, Mary A.
Hadley, Samuel
Brayton, Henry
Henry, Lemuel
Henagy, Mary
Griswold, Mary
Gambal, Eddy
Greenlief, Mary
Parker, James
Parker, George
Fuller, Betty
Boyd, John
Kennedy, Sarah
Umber, Henriette
Swift, Libbie
Myers, Silas
Puffer, Celinda
Palmer, Frances
Payne, Fanny
Payne, Delia
Perrigo, Julia
Perrigo, Josephine
Perrigo, Jane
Root, Cynthia
Root, David
Scroxton, Joseph
Scroxton, Benny
Stewart, Eddy
Tracy, Frances
Thumb, James
Van Fleck, Isaac
Vaughn, Walter
Ward, James
Winny, Walter

Sworn and subscribed before me this 21st day of July 1856
Jason Phelps
Justice of the Peace

Martha Turner was the teacher