Capt. Elisha Camp



Summary of Company Service

from a private's records at National Archives


        After the United States declared war with Great Britain in the summer of 1812, Elisha Camp, respected citizen, lawyer, land agent, and industrialist, called together a band of militiamen and offered their services for the defense of the village. Service in the artillery commenced on 28 June 1812 and was to run 30 days, expiring 28 July 1812.

        As fate would have it, Camp and his men were on duty the morning of 19 July 1812 when five British ships were spotted attempting to enter the harbor. Through the efforts of the whole fort, including Camp's Company, the British were expelled from the harbor, and the First Battle of Sackets Harbor—first engagement of the War in U.S. territory— went into the history books as a victory for America.

        The following list is taken directly from an original muster roll, available at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. [E. 55a Muster Rolls, Record Group No. 94, Stack Area 9W3, Row 17, Compartment 14-22, Box 143].

        Names are presented here in the order they appear on the muster roll. Signatures of each person are taken from a pay roll document bundled with the muster roll—feel free to download your ancestor's signature!


Signature from Pay Roll
Camp, Elisha Captain
Shubel Westcott 1st Lieut.
Theron Hinman 1st Sergeant
Oliver Robbins 2nd Sergeant
William Evans 3rd Sergeant
Thomas D. Spicer 4th Sergeant
Martin Gaylord 1st Corporal
John M. Phelps 2nd Corporal
Benjamin Ames 3rd Corporal
Enos Camp 4th Corporal
Augustin Bartholomew Drummer
Isaac Fairwell Drummer
Ebenezer Bartholomew Fifer
Henry Jones Drummer
Nathaniel Bates Drummer


PRIVATES Signature from Pay Roll
Aaron Whitcom
Charles Phillips Jr.
Samuel Wilder
Oliver Bartholomew
Moses Whitcom
Samuel Garnsey
Jotham Wilder Jr.
David Wilder
Joseph Abbey
Thaddeus Stoddard
Ambrose Pease
John Potter
Ethan Allen
Elisha Livermore
John Thompson
Vashni Whitney
Asa H. Baker
Hunter Crane
Thaddeus Hamlin
Austin Robbins
John Worden
Henry Metcalf
Eli Spicer
Daniel Spicer
Samuel Holloway
James Fairbank
Denison Read
Samuel McWain Jr.
Peter Cross
Simon Read
Samuel Amidon
Aaron Blodget
Samuel Bates, Jr.
Samuel Baker
George Spicer
Jacob Bidwell
Moses Bates
Horace Ames
Otis Ames
Elijah Cobb
Samuel McClary
William Francis
Janett Ingraham
Asa Manley
Luther Read
William Miller
Benjamin Pratt
Joseph W. Clark

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