A companion to the Hounsfield Family Sketches Index & Hounsfield Business Directory Index


        What follows is an index to every name that appears in the history of the Town of Hounsfield, published on pages 466 through 506 of Hamilton Child's Gazetteer of Jefferson County, N.Y. (1890).

        Shirley Farone has created a transcript of the full text from these pages and posted them on her website. After finding a name in the index you may go to Shirley's website and use the "find" function of your browser to locate each instance of that name. (Be sure to check out Shirley's other great features!)

        Names in this index that are underlined in blue are linked to a portrait of that person on the Jefferson County NY Pioneer Portraits Project website.

        You can use the page numbers below to order photocopies of the actual pages of the book from your local library. If your local library doesn't have the book, order copies from: Flower Memorial Library, 229 Washington St., Watertown, NY 13601.

        Feel free to print out this index for your personal research use, (however, please be mindful of the copyright restrictions explained at the end of this page).

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