Florence Secor's
Cobb & Crandall Family Research

        This page provides links to images of family group sheets created by Florence Secor during the course of her research into the Cobb and Crandall families that were associated with the early history of the Town of Hounsfield, Jefferson County, New York.

Please contact Florence for questions regarding these sheets at maybelles@verizon.net

Cobb Family Group Sheets

John Cobb & Desire Godfrey: page 1

Joseph Cobb & Margaret Soules: page 1, page 2

Eli Cobb & Pauline (Polly) ____?: page 1

Perry Soules Cobb & Anne M. Dennee: page 1, page 2

Madison Perry Cobb & Nettie A. Steele: page 1, page 2

James Roswell Steele & Margaret Ann Cobb: page 1

Robert Gregg & Alma Maria Cobb: page 1

William D. Parker & Emma Suzanne Cobb: page 1

John Granville Woodall & Fanny Louise Cobb: page 1

Ira Thomas Cobb, Sr. & Laura Walworth: page 1

Elijah E. Cobb & Emily Maria Crandall: page 1

Herbert Clark Cobb & Olia Putnam: page 1

George Henry Cobb & Louisa Wenzel: page 1

Crandall Family Group Sheets

Elijah E. Cobb & Emily Maria Crandall: page 1

William Clark Crandall & Maria Moore: page 1

William DeLos Crandall & Fannie A. Frink: page 1

Chester DeLos Crandall & Lizzie D. Long: page 1

Perrin Homer Crandall & Carrie E. Graham: page 1

Boynton S. Voorhees & Marjorie D. Crandall: page 1

Henry Clark Crandall & Jane Washburn: page 1

(Cobb cont.)

Eugene Fred Cobb & Sarah Estelle Walsworth: page 1

Edward Elijah Cobb & Maude H. Harmer: page 1

Dee W. Cobb & Gloria J. Williams: page 1

Lester V. Main & Nettie A. Cobb: page 1

William M. Cobb & Lucy May Cook: page 1

Online at: http://www.usgennet.org/usa/ny/county/jefferson/hounsfield/fsr/fsrcobbcrandall.html
or at hounsfieldhistory.net under "Families"

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