Sandy Creek to Sackets Harbor, 1814

Photo courtesy of Marc E. Mosher

The Great Rope was the main anchor cable for the "Superior", a frigate launched May 1, 1814 from Sackets Harbor under the command of Issac Chauncy.  When armed, she was to carry 66 guns.  The rope, under guard in Oswego, was 22 inches around and weighed 9,600 pounds.  Although the rope traveled by boat most of the way, due to heavy fighting on Lake Ontario, the last leg of the trip was made over land on the backs of men.

The Hounsfield American Local History Network is proud to host a paper by Blaine Bettinger, written from 1998-1999, which forms the most extensive study of the "Events Surrounding The Battle of Big Sandy and the Carrying of the Great Rope in 1814 and the Ensuing 185 Years." 

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