Dr. Samuel Guthrie House
Outer Dodge Ave., Sackets Harbor, Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., New York


       Dr. Samuel Guthrie (1782-1848), chemist, one of the discoverers of chloroform, and inventor of the percussion compound for firearms, which superseded flints, resided at Sackets Harbor.  Samuel Guthrie, made chloroform in 1830 prior to the independent discoveries by Soubeiran in France (1831) and Liebig in Germany (1832). It was used first in amputations at Sackets Harbor.

        His home, pictured above, was in the old Jewettsville section of town, and is still occuiped as a private residence today.

(In the 1970's and 1980's the author's babysitter, Maureen, lived here!)

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