Horse Island Lighthouse
Sackets Harbor, New York

The first lighthouse on Horse Island, as it appeared in 1855 when McNitt was keeper.
From Benson Lossing's Pictorial Field-Book of the War of 1812 (adapted from scan by Bill Carr)



     Horse Island Lighthouse was erected in 1831 and was rebuilt in 1870. It was once known as "Norn Island" Lighthouse, and is sometimes called Sackets Harbor Lighthouse. These photos were taken in 1885 and are part of the National Archives Still Pictures Collection in College Park, Maryland. Originals can be viewed (or copies purchased) at the Still Pictures Division, National Archives II, in College Park, Maryland—ask for 26-LG-Box 47.

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Courtesy David F. Ward

Courtesy U.S. Coast Guard

Keeper Period of Service Comment
John McNitt (Keeper) 1 Feb. 1832-18 Apr. 1841 End dates unsure
Jacob Kellogg, Jr. (Keeper) 1841-18 Apr. 1843 Start date unsure
Lorenzo K. Root (Keeper) 18 Apr. 1843-7 Dec. 1844 Resigned
Samuel McNitt (Keeper) 7 Dec. 1844-27 Mar. 1860 Removed
Oris Westcott (Keeper) 27 Mar. 1860-8 Apr. 1861 Removed
J. McFarlane (Keeper) 8 Apr. 1861-8 June 1866 Removed
Nelson Meeks (Keeper) 8 June 1866-1 Nov. 1883 Resigned
Horace G. Holloway (Acting Keeper) 1 Nov. 1883-11 June 1884 Permanently appointed
Horace G. Holloway (Keeper) 11 June 1884-28 Feb. 1909 Resigned
George H. Ward (Keeper) 1 Mar. 1909-1923 End date unsure
Source: Thomas Tag <> Great Lakes Lighthouse Research

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