Town of Hounsfield Residents Living Before 1865
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         The following individuals lived in the Town of Hounsfield in or before the year 1865, and pictures of them are available online at the Jefferson County, New York, Pioneer Portraits Project website at
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Photo of George W. Read (b.1843), son of Garret B. Read & Huldah Westcott, and wife Minerva F. Eveleigh (b. 1845), daughter of John and Sarah Eveleigh of Sulpher Springs, with children Georgia, Florence, Orville, and Roscoe Barney, taken circa 1890 in Gibson City, Illinois. [Courtesy of Evelyn Bayna]

Barnes, Armenia (1821-1913) wf. Benjamin Orchard
Bates, Merrick M. (1801-1882) sn. Samuel; hsb. Abigail Stowell
, Mary wf. Alexander D. Stanley
Broadbent, Emily (1844-1932) wf. Albert B. Foster
Broadbent, Thomas (1810-1903)

Calkins, Jared (1788-1870) sn. David, hsb. Susannah Austin
, Elisha (1786-1866) hsb. Sophia Hale
Camp, Talcott Hale (1816-1897)
Camp, Walter Bicker (1823-1916)
Canfield, Theodore (1823-)
Casey, Silas (1807-1882)
Thomas Lincoln (1831-1896), sn. Silas
, Isaac (1777-1840)
Cleveland, Milo L. (1851-1912) sn. Philander & Mercy, hsb. Lucy Warren
Cobb, Elijah (1833-1934) sn. Joseph & Margeret, hsb. Emily Crandall

Conklin, Daniel (1804-1869) hsb. Lucy Benjamin
Cork, Antoinette (1861-1930) wf. Fezington F. Curtis
Cork, Susan (ca. 1819-1892) wf. Fred Fessenden Curtis
Curtis, Fezington F. (1850-1936) sn. Fred F. & Susan (Cork)
Curtis, Fred Fessenden (1816-1901) hsb. Susan Cork

Damuth, Charity (1824-1904) wf. Joseph Luff, Jr.
Damuth, Dolphus S. (1839-aft.1887) bro. of Charity
Day, Daniel Rufus (1839-1889)
Day, Delilah Fidelia (1836-1929) wf. Bullock & Warford
Dimick, Jay (1821-1894)
Dressor, George F. (1841- ) hsb. Helen L. Wilson

Edwards, Mary Marjory (1834-1915) dau. Mr. & Mrs. E.; wf. Henry Shaw Barbour
Minerva F. (1845-1927) dau. John & Sarah, wf. George W. Read

Fall, Abby M. (1802- ) dau. Henry T. Fall, wf. Anson Potter
, Brayton Allen (1853- ) sn. Sanford E. & Phoebe (Allen)
, Albert (1842-1925) hsb. Emily Broadbent
Fredenburg, Caroline (1824-1901) wf. William Azem Lyttle

Gilmore, Horace O. (1823-1902)
, Ulysses S. (1822-1885)
Gurney, Norman (1825-1899) sn. Benj. K. & Lydia Mack, hsb. Maria Vaughan

Haddock, George C. (1832-1886)
Haddock, John A. (1823-1898)
Hall, D. M. , (1824-1872) sn. David & Anna, hsb. Elizabeth J. Robbins
, Ira (1800-1879)
Holden, Clay (1842-1913) hsb. Eliza Stokes
, Emmett (1857-1935) hsb. Ada Ruth Orchard
, Freylinghuysen (1844- ) hsb. Frances Meyer
, Myron (1855-1934) hsb. Julia Orchard
Holden, Seward (1852-1946) hsb. Clara Snell
, Theodore (1850-1930) hsb. Almira Adelia Ellsworth
, Walter B. (1859-1941) hsb. Eunice Dewitt
, Winfield (1847-1920) hsb. Lucy Arnold
, Marietta (1836-1926)
, Horace G. (1836-1920)

Inglehart, Cornelius W. (1811-1882)

Johnston, Stephen D. (1820-1893), sn. William & Ann Randolph

Kennedy, Lydia A. (1856-1936) wf. John L. Stokes

Lane, Henry J. (1841-1915) hsb. Rosaltha S. Payne
Luff, Joseph, Jr. (1822-1901) hsb. Damuth, Charity
Lyttle, William Azem (1822-1894) hsb. Caroline Fredenburg

Manley, Emeline (1810-1887), dau. Asa, wf. Robert Washburn
, George Watson (1823-1900), sn. Asa & Lydia
, Abby (1784-1863) wf. William Vaughan
McWayne, Jay DeForest (1834- )
McWayne, Josiah A. (1833-1902)
Metcalf, Edwin (c.1840- ) hsb. Fannie Stoodley
Moore, Veranus Alva (1859-1931), sn. Alva & Antoinette Eastman
Morton, Eunice (1788-1863), wf. Austin Robbins

Orchard, Ada Ruth (1865-1955) wf. Emmett Holden
, Benjamin (1804-1890) hsb. Armenia Barnes
Orchard, Effie Estella (1862-1935) wf. Lonson D. Harris
Orchard, Julia (1857-1956) wf. Myron Holden

Paddock, Loveland (1795- )
Patten, Archibald (1791-1861)
Perry, Oliver Hazard (1785-1819)
Pettit, John (1807-1887) sn. Heman
Potter, Anson (1803- ) sn. John & Lydia Holloway, hsb. Abby M. Fall
, Newman Holley (1829-1901), sn. Anson & Abby
Prindle, Matilda (1861-1910) wf. Patrick Ryan

Randall, Dellah "Dillie" E. (1843-1919) wf. Newton N. Stone
Read, George W. (1843-1902), sn. Garret B. & Huldah Westcott, hsb. Minerva F. Eveleigh
, Ida G. (1857-1933) wf. Charles Stoodley
Robbins, Austin (1786-1867), hsb. Eunice Morton

Sacket, Augustus (1769-1827) hsb. Minerva Camp
Sheedy, Michael (1818-1901) hsb. Mary Lynch
, Andrew (1816-1876) sn. Richard, hsb. Esther W. Collins
, Edward (1859-1832) hsb. Rose Wescott
Stokes, John L. (1851-1931) hsb. Lydia Kennedy
Stoodley, Amos (1845-1930) hsb. Frances Clark
Stoodley, Charles (1842-1936) hsb. Ida G. Reed
Stoodley, Esther (1841-1920) wf. Silas Washburn
Stoodley, Fannie (1843- ) wf. Edwin Metcalf
Stoodley, Minerva Anna (1847- ) wf. Alfred Bristol

Thomas, Jeremiah "Jerry" P. (1830-1885)
, George A. (1821-1893)
Tyler, William Wallace (1838-1924) hsb. Mary Ann Gratz

Vaughan, William (1775-1856) hsb. Abby McMullin
Vaughan, Maria Crane (1827-1888) dau. William & Abby, wf. Norman Gurney

Waring, John Augustus (1842-1894) sn. William Beatson & Jane Scott (Howard)
, Sebre Howard (1841-1899) sn. William Beatson & Jane Scott (Howard)
, Robert (1804-1875), sn. Stephen & Salinda, hsb. Emeline Manley
, Schuyler (1823-1905)
Washburn, Silas (1838-1911) hsb. Esther Stoodley
Weeks, Justin W. (1806- ) hsb. Rosalinda Rogers
Wells, Erastus (1823-1893)
, Hazael S. (1804-1873) hsb. Mary Root
Woolsey, Melancthon Brooks (1817-1874)
, Melancthon Taylor (1780-1838)


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