Jewettsville Schoolhouse is one of four one-room schoolhouses in Hounsfield, which were built out of limestone donated by Elisha Camp from his quarry at Chaumont during the 1830s.
In recent years it has served as a private residence.

Article presented online with permission from the Watertown Daily Times.
Sackets Harbor, Aug. 20 --

About 100 persons attended the first annual reunion of Jewettsville district school teachers and pupils on the school lawn Sunday. Dinner was served at noon and Burt Pettit of Sulpher Springs acted as toastmaster and presided at the business meeting.

The following committee was named to have charge of getting the reunion together in 1937. Richard Duggan, Jessie Field, Walter Lee, George Perry, Zilpha Holsenberg and Carrie Lee. the oldest pupil present was George Hamilton, aged 84, who attended the school in 1858 and Burt Pettit was second oldest, having attended the school in 1868.

The Jewettsville school was one of the largest district schools in the county having a registration of from 75 to 100 most of the time.

Teachers of the school, most of who were present at the reunion were: Mrs. Anna Godfrey Bronson, of Sackets Harbor, 1890; Leonard L. Allen of Watertown, 1893-1894; Harriet Boyd, Mrs. Semper of Watertown, 1889; Mrs. Carrie Field Lee of Dexter, 1896-1897; Mrs. Cora Gould LaFountain, of Watertown 1899; Burt Alverson of Dexter 1892; Mark Sprague

of Watertown 1900; Mrs. Lettie Penny Galloway of Adams 1893; Claude Alverson 1901-1902; Clarence Todd, Eugene Livermore, George Foster, Byron DeWitt, L. T. Houston, H. J. Lane, John Turner, John J. Pettit, Martha Pettit, Elizabeth Pettit, Eva Luff, Sarah Damoth, Clara Butler, Laura Butler, Cynthia Butler Bronk, Ann Phelps Sanborn, Mary Bowles Daily, Anna Bowles Taylor, Minnie Fitzgerald Parker, Almon J. Sargent, Edith Noble McLaughlin, Elizabeth Damoth Hickok, Harvey C. Barton, Nan Conlin Hungerford, Mathilda Luff, Eunice Read, Mary Barrows, Elizabeth Tracy, Robert McNeil, Cornelia Moffett Luff, George Ranney, Burt Ranney, Mr. Erwin, Oliver Robbins, Orville Greene.

Pupils present were: Fred Lammon, Minnie Warwick, Signor Warwick, Edith Hess, Eva Woodside, Sadie Sprague, Zilpha Holsenberg, Elizabeth Laemmerman, R. W. Duggan, Mrs. Hattie Roby Symonds, Mrs. Emma Colton Galloway, Mrs. Nellie Roby Burns, Mrs. Mary Hamilton Hynes, Walter Lee, Mrs. Ida Hess-Pettingill, Mrs. Frances Parker Thomas, Alberta Parker, Mrs. Jessie Roof Elmer, Mabel Roof Roby, John Wright, Samuel J. Lee, Albert A. Pettit, George M. Perry, William Roby, Monroe J.

Lee, C. E. Lonsdale, George Hamilton, E. E. Hicks, George E. Hess, James Wright and Sanford H. Brass.

Guests were: Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Laemmerman, Joan Laemmerman, John Thomas, Mabel, Minnie, Frank and Lewis Newton, James and Margaret Wright, Esther Roby, Freda Wright, Norma Baldwin, Keith Wright, Mrs. Signa Warwick, Mr. and Mrs. John Laemmerman, jr., Lynn Laemmerman, C. D. Lehr, Mrs. Sanford Brass, Mrs. Anna Lamon, Mrs. Carl Boulton, Mrs. Catherine Boulton, Raymond Wright, Donald and Gilbert Lamon, Murry Lee, Everett Lonsdale, Ralph Holsenberg, Mr. and Mrs. A. Keenan, Mrs. Addie Hazelwood, Mrs. Burt Alverson, B. S. Hazelwood, Maggie Pettit, James Parsons, William Hilling, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Duggan and children, Richard and Marianna; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Boulton and children, Cathryn and Richard, and Wilma Duggan.

At the close of the meeting Burt Pettit gave a recitation that he gave when a small boy while attending Jewettsville school entitled, "My Sunday Breeches," which brought forth a storm of applause.

Who were the Teachers? . . . . 

Lane, Henry J. or "H.J.", born 14 February 1841 in Sackets Harbor; married Rosaltha S. Payne, daughter of Worden Payne and Rhoda Warren. He was engaged in the dry goods trade at Sackets for over 24 years. He was elected supervisor of the town for the second time in 1887 and was a member of the New York State Assembly. He served as the town clerk 3 years, assessor 3 years, and justice of the peace one term. He was president of the village of Sackets Harbor for upwards of four years and served as Worshipful Master of the Sackets Harbor Lodge #135 of Free & Accepted Masons. Learn more elsewhere on this website. His ancestry can be reviewed at the LEGENDS website. Submitted by Mark A. Wentling at

Sprague, Mark was my Great Uncle who was listed with the Teachers and under Former Pupils were Sarah "Sadie" Sprague or Aunt Sadie as we knew her, my Grandmother's youngest sister. Mark Sprague was a principal at Brownville High School or Watertown, N.Y. (believe it was Brownville) after he left the job at Sackets Harbor. They owned the big white house on State Street in Watertown, with the pillars in the 1930's and I was born in their house. Aunt Sadie owned a Millinary "Hat" Shop near the Arcade in Watertown Square and later they moved in retirement to Florida. Their gravesites are in Sackets Harbor Cemetery. They did not have any children and my father was more or less their favorite as her sister had died when he was a young lad. Submitted by Pat Regan at

Who were the Students? . . . . 

Sprague, Sarah "Sadie" or Aunt Sadie as we knew her was my Grandmother's youngest sister. She was Sarah D. Whalen of Sackets Harbor, before her marriage to Mark Sprague, daughter of Sarah D. Greene and Thomas Whalen of Sackets Harbor. Aunt Sadie owned a Millinary "Hat" Shop near the Arcade in Watertown Square and later they moved in retirement to Florida. They did not have any children and my father was more or less their favorite as her sister had died when he was a young lad. They are both buried in the Sackets Harbor Cemetery. Sadie's sister Emma Jean Whalen ran a seamstress shop at Sacket's Harbor years ago on the Main Street. She never married and she also is buried next to her mother and father in Sackets Harbor Cemetery. Submitted by Pat Regan at

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