Purpura Corners Schoolhouse
Corner of Adams Road and Route 3


        The following photographs were taken 8 October 2007 in the Purpura Corners neighborhood of the Town of Hounsfield, Jefferson County, New York, by Mark Wentling.
        They depict one of four schoolhouses in the area erected in the 1830's, built from limestone donated by Elisha Camp from his quarry at Chaumont.
        The Purpura schoolhouse was built in 1837, according to signage. It is labeled "S.H." on an 1855 map, "S.H. No. 20" on Beers' 1864 map, and "S.H. No.17" on Robinson's 1887 map. Today it is used for storage and is private property.
        Please feel free to download these photos and enjoy them!

1855 1864 1887


Aerial photo showing location of Purpura schoolhouse just north of Pennock Rd., which first appears on the 1887 map above.

Online at: http://www.usgennet.org/usa/ny/county/jefferson/hounsfield/purpuracornersschoolhouse.html
or at hounsfieldhistory.net under "Schools"

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