Old Salt Point Road

          "Among the other important roadways which were laid out in the early days of the town was what is known as the 'Salt Point' road. This highway was a continuation of the road which was built soon after 1814 from Salina (now Syracuse) to Smith's Mills (now Adams) and ran by way of Adams Centre, the General Rice place and Camp's Mill, northerly through the town.
         This was a part of a system of roads which it was designed to construct extending from Syracuse to Ogdensburg. The Salt Point road was an important factor in the early history of the town. Old residents relate trips made to Syracuse over this road for salt upwards of 70 years ago and at a time when salt was boiled in kettles."

"Our County and Its People, A Descriptive Work on Jefferson County, New York." Edited by Edgar C. Emerson. Boston: Boston History Co., 1898, p. 634.