Sulpher Springs United Methodist Church
Sulpher Springs Road, Hounsfield, Jefferson County, New York

        "Our church is one of the oldest in Jefferson County, being built in 1847 at a cost of $500.00 by the Seventh Day Baptist Society.  A Methodist Society was organized in 1868 with both Societies using the building until 1877 when it was given to the Methodists.  The Reverend Anson Cheeseman was the minister at the time, and the Trustees were Orange Dimick, Ira Hall, and Schuyler Washburn.
        In the 1800's the church membership was 30, with 60 enrolled in the Sunday School.
        During the following century many repairs and innovations have taken place; among them, new roofs, electricity, basement dug under building, new furnace, installation of aluminum siding, and newly painted Sanctuary in 1988.  Many of the earlier projects were accomplished by volunteers.
        Our church was yoked with Sackets Harbor from 1868-1929; then with Dexter; and with Adams since 1980.
        We have always had an active Sunday School and United Methodist Women's Group (formerly the Women's Society of Christian Service, and before that, the Ladies' Aid Society).
        Each generation has produced hard working, dedicated men and women who have loved the Church and made it a busy, friendly fellowship trying to fulfill God's purposes."

From a service bulletin handed out on 29 October 1989; Rev. Dean E. Hill, Pastor

1864 Hounsfield map showing the location of the Seventh Day Baptist Church, labelled "S.D. Bap. Ch." near the center of the map and lying between Sulpher Springs Road and Mill Creek. The church is across the street from the Sulpher Springs Cemetery, and Hounsfield Schoolhouse No. 19.  The church, cemetery, and schoolhouse are all in use today, the latter having been converted into Sulpher Springs Grange Hall many years ago.


Members Whose Names Appear on the Memorial Plaque
Dedicated 29 October 1989 at the 9am service

Stanley Peer Viola Elliott Harold Richardson
Ruth Phelps George Phelps Earl Cady
Hazel Hall Laura Spencer Eva Alcombrack
Olga Harmer Edmund Harmer Arthur Villeneuve
Hazel Stoodley Emma Peer Beulah Jenkins
Hubuert Nichols Ida Greer Charlotte Richardson
Ruth McWayne Aurele Banville Pauline Fawdrey
Veda Christie Beatrice Perkins Maud Cobb
Grovene Tremont Carl Ressigue Margret Church
Mable Boratynski Florence Nichols Leon Washburn
Julia Finney

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