Welcome! The purpose of this project is to provide an online home for all available pictures of the earliest settlers of Jefferson County, New York, who were either settled or born in the county before the close of the Civil War in 1865. Sources for the pictures on this website include direct donations, other websites, and published books.

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Godfrey Waldo Barney
Hiram Barney
Lowery Barney
Caroline (Coon/Combs) Fuller
Adeline (Corey) (Smith) Nelson
Farnham Corey
Lydia (Corey) Casler
Sarah (Corey)
Esther (Desmore) Merriam
Erskine Boyer Fuller
Hiram Buel Fuller
Jacob Shew
Jacob Whiting

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Published Sources Included in This Project

        Many images on this website depict portraits published in county history books that were printed in the 19th-century. These books were chosen because they are difficult for researchers to get ahold of and are poorly indexed, yet contain a wealth of photographic information that would otherwise be overlooked:

In Progress

  • Evert's 1878 "History of Jeff. Co., NY"
  • Haddock's 1895 "Growth of a Century"

To Be Added

  • Haddock's 1895 "Picturesque St. Lawrence"
  • Oakes "Gene. & Fam. Hist. of Jeff.Co.", Vol.1& 2


  • Child's 1890 Gazetteer
  • Emerson's 1898 "Our County & It's People"
  • Hough's 1854 "History of Jeff. Co., NY"
  • Monroe's 1912 "Through Eleven Decades of History: Watertown, A History From 1800 to 1912"
  • Centennial Historical Souvenir Issued by the Jefferson County National Bank, Watertown, N.Y. in Commemoration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Founding of the Bank, 1816-1916