New Gazetter & Business Directory
of Livingston, NY, 1868

By G. Emmet Stetson

Town of Lima 1868 - Page 2 of 3

Lima 1868, Continued

Gleason, James, farmer 30

Gale, Henry & Co., dealers in hardware

Godfrey, Ira, Postmaster

GILBERT, ORRIN S., (with Hiram Gilbert) dealer in groceries, crockery, boots & shoes 1

GILBERT, HIRAM (with 0rrin S. Gilbert) 1

GORDON, JAMES T, blacksmith 1

Gillott, John

Galentine, Jacob S., merchant

GODFREY, L. B., dealer in Lime and farmer 224

GRACE, Michael, l½ trnser I

GERRY, N. D., farmer 100

GOODRICH, JUSTIN S., farmer 136 1/2

GOODRICH, ERASTUS C., farmer 110

GILLIN, JOHN, carpenter and joiner, farmer 20

Graves, David, butcher and farmer, 25

Gibson, Chauncey W., banker

GROVER, LEVI P., farmer 122

Hurd, Seymour & Co., merchant tailors

Halpin, Thomas, cabinet maker

HAMILTON, MYRON H., jeweler and watchmaker

Howey, Mrs. Sarah. millinery

HART, ANDREW, marble factory 1 1/2

HYDE, AMBROSE, insurance agent 1

Hanchett, Mrs. Sarah H., farmer 51

HAYES, JOHN, woodsawer 1/4

Hyde, Ezekiel, carpenter and Joiner

Hughes, Patrick, laborer


Hagerty, John, teamster 40

Hayes, John, carpenter and joiner

HICKEY, SIMON, carpenter and joiner

Holden, Timothy H., farmer 9

Howard, Mrs. Martha

Hovey, Calvin B., farmer 120

Harmon, Mrs. Sarah A., farmer 3

HANNA, GEORGE V. merchant

HOMMBDIEU, GIERSON L,., carpenter and Street Commissioner

Hutches, Delos, Methodist minister 1/2

Hawley, Joel S., laborer

Hayes, Margaret, farmer 7

Hardy, Manning, weaver 1

Hall, Daniel Y., thrasher and woodsaw­er, leases 3

Hardy, Frederick P., farmer 10

Higgins, Mrs. Matinda, boarding house

Handrahan, Michael, farmer 110


Heath, Albert, blacksmith and farmer 117

Hicks, Galen S., farmer 100

HOGAN, PATRICK, farmer 13

Hogan, Dennis, farmer 3 1/2

Hendrick, Patrick, farmer 123

Hamilton, William H., leases 160


Harden, Truman S. S., shoemaker and farmer 1


Ideson, Robert, painter, fruit grower and farmer 24

Idson, John


Johnson, Seth, farmer 27

Jackman, Charles A., farmer 150

Jenks, Eri S., farmer 250

Kendall, Nathaniel (Moulton & Kendall)

Kingsbury, John E., farmer

KEENNAN, Mrs. C., farmer 9

Kimble, Sylvester, tanner and currier and farmer 39 1/2

KING, DAVID H., farmer 149

Kinney, Jerry, laborer


Keeney, John H., farmer 3

Kennedy, Thomas, farmer 50

Kent, Rev. John P., superannuated Meth­odist clergyman

Kelly, James, blacksmith

Lindsay, John W., President Genesee College

Lyon, Thomas K. (Stevens & Co.)


LINDSLEY, JACOB A., dealer in harness, trunks, whips, &c., 2 1/2

LONG, WILLIAM, clergyman

LOZIER, SCHUYLER, carriage maker

Lozier, William T., carriage painter

LONG, BENJ., carpenter and joiner and builder

LEVERY, JAMES, laborer

Lloyd, Nelson. farmer 85

LONGYOR, JOEL S., farmer 78

Leary, John, farmer 10

LYON, JUSTUS, breeder of Spanish merino sheep and farmer 83 1/2

London, George W., farmer 100

Lake, Sheldon, farmer 12


Lockington, John, laborer

Landon, Perry, farmer 115

LONG, JAMES, farmer 40

MOSHER, John, hanker, owns 260

McMahan, William H., jeweler and watchmaker

McQUIVEY, Mrs. H. J., milliner, dress-maker and fancy goods

MITCHELL, WILLIAM D., dealer in dry goods and groceries

Marvin, Israel P., clerk

Martin, Thomas jr., laborer

McCRAY, Mrs. J. M., physician

McCarty, Charles, farmer 209

Moore, Mrs. Mary

Madly, John, laborer

Morley, John, farmer 11

MITCHELL, SAMUEL, carriage maker

Martin, Sylvanus, carpenter and joiner


Madison, Arial, farmer

Mason, James, farmer 18 1/4

Moses, Urial B., farmer 85

Miner, Alexander U., farmer 88

MINER, CHARLES, farmer 93

MOSES, LEWIS, farmer 131 1/2

Moses, Luther, farmer 100

Monger, Mrs. Mary, farmer 33

Morgan, Sheppard P., farmer 175


MILLER, Mrs. KEZIAH B., farmer 60

McMahan, David, farmer 10

McNair, William H., farmer 300

Malone, Thomas, farmer 57 1/2

McGRAW, PATRICK, farmer 12



Maitlan, Robert, farmer 1

McCune, Alexander, farmer 2

Marvin, Jasper, farmer 10

McSweeney, Mrs. Jane, farmer 14

NEWMAN, SMITH H., prop. American hotel

NASH, ADOLPIIES, dealer in lumber, wood and coal

Noonan, John, farmer 24

Newman, Aaron, farmer 70

Newman, Thomas, leases 70

Nash, Edwin A. (Wood & Nash)

OLLEEENSHAW, PHILIP, cooper and farmer 4

Ollerenshaw, Mrs. Elizabeth, farmer 6

Olp, Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding house

O’Brien. Matthew, farmer 7 1/2

Parmele, Mrs. Sarah

Perkins, JAMES, farmer 31

Potter, William, butcher

Pinder, Lawrence, tinsmith


Phillips, John A., farmer 138

Pratt, Van H., farmer 33

PARKER, Henry F.

PHELAN, WILLIAM, farmer 13

PECK, RICHARD, farmer 186

Peek, Nathan, farmer 16

Pierce, William F., farmer 187

PHILLIPS, ELISHA and DANIEL, farm­ers 76 1/2

Peck, James B., farmer 75

Peck, Asahel B., farmer 85

Quigley, James, carpenter and joiner

Rolison, William S., butcher

RICE, C. W., dealer in hardware, tin, &c.

Rowe, Horatio, farmer 4


RYAN, MICHAEL, farmer 20

Ripley, Rev. Merrill W., Methodist clergy­man and farmer 9

Rogers, Edwin N., farmer 94

Ross, Joel, manufacturer of grain cradles and farmer 37 3/4

Stevens, Albert L. & Co., dealers in gro­ceries, drugs and medicines, toys,

Snow, George W. shoemaker

Salmon, Edward, dealer in drugs and medicines

SHADER, GEORGE M., blacksmith and wagon maker 1/3

STEVENS, FRANCIS S., insurance agent and farmer 75

Scott, Walter W.

Stanley, Daniel, banker and farmer 9

Spencer, ——, bookkeeper

Steele, Mrs. William, milliner and dress­maker

STERLING, A., farmer 130

Sutherland, Rev. Andrew, Methodist cler­gyman

Slattery, John, laborer

Slattery, Mrs. Mary

Seager, Micah, Methodist clergyman

Smith, Mrs. Mary

Steele, Theron, retired farmer

Scott, Walter W., watchmaker and jew­eler

SHAY, Mrs. D. W., seamstress and boarding house

Sheldon, Ezra

Smith, Arthur H., photographer

Stowe, Frederick D., agent

Sprague, G., farmer 93

Sturling, John C., farmer 70

Stoning, James M., farmer 76

ST. JOHN, Mrs. SARAH, farmer 10


Smith, Stephen K, farmer 100

STEVENS, HENRY F., farmer 87


Sears, Vinson G., farmer 100

Stone, James, farmer 180

Slattery, Patrick, farmer 6

Stuart, Theodore, farmer 100

Sylvester, Allen, farmer 140

Sylvester, George W., farmer


THAYER, GEORGE, insurance agent and farmer 4

Tomlinson, John, harness maker

Tidd, Stephen B., blacksmith 3/4

Tubbs, Mrs. Elizabeth, farmer 1 1/2

TERRY, ALVIN A., carpenter and farm­er 4 1/2


Thomas, Dow B. S., farmer 2 1/2

Tree, Daniel, farmer 10

Trobridge, Seth, farmer

Timmons, Patrick, farmer

Terry, Isaiah, farmer 125

Terry, Henry, farmer 96

Terry, Charles A., leases 96


Uttley, William, farmer 127 ½


Vosburg, Isaac, farmer

Vandenbergh, Phillip, farmer 28

Vary, William, farmer

WALKER, DENNIS E., manufacturer and wholesale and retail dealer in cigars, tobacco, &e.

WATKINS, SOLON (Watkins & Cham­bers)

Watkins & Chambers, dealers In dry goods, boots, shoes, &c.

Warner, Andrew J., brickmaker and farmer 70

Welch, James, tailor

Watkins, Adolphus, carpenter and farm­er 12

Winchester, John A.. painter

WRIGHT, ELIAS C., cooper

Warner, Edwin, farmer 23

Warner, Isaac B., dealer in lumber, wood and coal 5


Walker, John, stage driver

WATKINS, CYRUS, carpenter and farm­er 24 1/2

Wilbor, Albert D., Methodist clergyman

Wetmore, Mrs. M., farmer 30

Weller, Charles, farmer 3

Whipple, John, butcher and farmer 3

Warner, Mrs. Lydia A.


Wright, John S.. mechanic

Warner, Mrs. Orson

Wiggins, CASEY, farmer 156

Wynans, Seth W., farmer 49 3/4

WATTS, EGERTON, farmer 30

WILKINSON, JAMES, farmer 53 1/2

Warner, Albert, farmer 136 1/2

Warner, Horace Tyler, farmer 85

Welch, Patrick, farmer 13

Welsh, John, farmer 29

Warner, William N., farmer 50

Warner, Charles H., farmer 130

Warner, Hiram B., farmer 140

Whalen, Martin, farmer 10

WHALEN, JOHN, farmer 9

Whaley, Robert, farmer 130

Warren, Edwin, farmer 87

Wood, Harvey J. (Wood & Nash)

WOOD & NASH, attorneys and counselors at law

Wollonhorpt, Ernest, tailor

Whittlesey, Mrs. C. D., 1/2

York, Anthony, auctioneer, produce dealer and farmer 5

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