New Gazetter & Business Directory
of Livingston, NY, 1868

By G. Emmet Stetson

Mount Morris 1868 - Page 2

Mt. Morris 1868

The following residents of the town of Mt. Morris receive their mail at Mt. Morris:

ADAMS, C. B., Attorney at law, 1 Main St.

AUSTIN, E., harness manufacturer, Main St.

AMES, L. J., physician and surgeon. Maid St.

Annis, Jacob, farmer

Ames, H. C., H. R. conductor, residence Murray St.

ALLEN, WM. P., manufacturer lumber, Grove St.

Ashton, W. M., butcher, 21 Chapel St.

Arnold, A. H., farmer 195

Arnold, R. C., farmer 100

Adams, Franklin, farmer 10

ASHTON, MATHEW, farmer 125

Ament, E. L., farmer 135

Aman, Joseph, farmer 105

Annie, William R., dealer implements, 89 Main street

American Hotel, J. D. Wallace, propír

Bacon, D. N., civil engineer, 13 Main St.

BROWN, H. H., cashier of Genesee River National Bank, Main St.

BOND, JAMES R, dealer in real estate, Stale St.

Bingham, A. M., Attorney at law, Main St.

Bingham, C. L., Attorney at law, Main St.

Bump & Pray, farmers 190

Bump, Harvey, (Bump & Pray)

BROWN, F. D., dentist, Main St.

Branch, George W., physician and surgeon, Main St.

Brace, S. E., grocer, 23 Main St.

Burk, Richard, hotel, Canal St.

Braman, C. S., (Humphry & Braman)

BUELL, H., wood turner, 19 Stanley St.

Burt, George W., butcher, Main St.

BINCHAM & COY, hardware merchants, Main St.

Bingham, Lucius C., (Bingham & Coy)

Baker, H. H., dry goods, Main St.

Bacon, J. B., variety store, Chapel St.

BOESE, H. R., fish dealer and saloon, Main St.

Beggs, Miss M., milliner, 9 Chapel St.

Burlingame, Plate, blacksmith, Main St.

BODINE, J. H. & Co., manuf. of the cele­brated Bodineís Jouval Turbine Wa­ter wheel, sand irons, &c.

Bodine, Joseph H., (J. H. Bodine & Co.) res. S Hopkins St.

Burny, William A. M., saw filing, Clinton St.

BROOKINS, J. H., leases 100

Bi1ls Nathan D., farmer, Murray St.

Beach, Alvah, Murray St.

Begole, J. & J., farmers 260

Balcom H. A., A. M.

Baker, John, laborer

Baker, J., farmer 140

BLISS, SHEPARD, leases 100

Booth, William, agít Genesee Valley R. R.

CHASE & BROORWAY., manufacturers spokes, ax and pick handles

CHILSON, JACOB, general ins. agent and farmer 160

CONNELL, JAMES, ready-made coffin,. and cabinet ware, Main St.

CAMPBELL, JAMES, excelsior shaving saloon, Main St.

Coy, Henry, (Bingham & Coy)

Cardozo, P. M., tailor, Main St.

CONKEY, A., auctioneer and commission merchant, Main St.

COY, LORIN, shoe and leather dealer, Main St.

Cohen, S., ready-made clothing, Main St.

CREVELING, J. 0., manuf. and dealer in boots and shoes, Main St.

Curtis, E. B., mower and reaper agent, Canal St.

CAMP, MOSES, justice, Mai1st. Cline, Mrs. Emeline, carpet weaver, Clin­ton St.

CHILSON, JAMES N., auctioneer and farmer, l00

Conklin, Egbert, farmer 58 ĺ

CHAMBERLAIN, O.L., minor, 19 Mur­ray St.

Cwiger, H., bridge builder, Murray St.

CARLEY, JOHN A., farmer

Conklin, James, farmer 153

CONCKLIN, R. R., leases 136

Casity, Daniel, farmer 20

Clark, Ozro, farmer 600

Case, David, farmer 60

CASE, STEELING, farmer 84

COX, HENRY, breeder of Spanish merino sheep and farmer 110

Clarkson, Win., farmer 136

Crane, George, farmer 150

Case, Albert, farmer 71

Dunning, F., miller

DEAN, A. P., carriage maker, Main St.

DENISON, N., blacksmith, Canal St.

DARBOLL, JOHN L., carpenter and Join­er, Murray St.

DONOVAN, CORNELlUS, carpenter and Joiner, Chapel St.

DATES, H., confectionery, Chapel St.

Dawley, Mrs. Jane, gardner 5

DEAN, ISAAC, laborer

DUNNING, N. S., farmer 125

Degroff, John I., broom maker

Dalrymple, Levi, farmer 104

Dalrymple, Thomas, farmer 200

Devinney, William, farmer 37

Dayfoot, H. M., homeopathic physician, 60 Main St.

Eagle Hotel, H. H. Scoville, proprietor

FRANKLIN, Rev. T. L., pastor St. Johnís church, State St.

FERRIS, J. J., slate and gravel roofing, Chapel St.

Ford, A. L., (J. H. Bodine & Co.)

FRENCH, A. F. & R. T. W, dealers in broom corn, 68 Chapel St.

FRENCH, A. F., (A. F. & R. T. W. French)

FRENCH, R.T.W., (A. F. & R. T. W. French)

FRALEY, CHARLES, farmer Hopkins St.

Frost, W. A., leases 75

Forrest, J. G., farmer 182

GORMAN, JOHN, manufacturer and dealer in boots and shoes, Main St.

GAMBLE, DAVID, blacksmith, State St.

Galbraith, S. B. & A., Exchange Mills, State St.

Grover, A. M., shoe maker, Chapel St.

GAMBLE, THOMAS, foreman farmer for R. Olaphant, 500

Green, G. A., wood dealer

GLADDING, O. H., farmer 180

Goff, A., mechanic, 60 Murray St.

Gladding, Hiram H., farmer 186

Galevan, Michael, farmer 8


Gladding, John, farmer 70

Gardner, Rev. Charles., pastor M.E. church, Chapel St.

Garlinghouse, Joseph

GAMBLE, JAMES, saloon, Chapel St.

Guile, Juatus J., farmer 120

GEORGE, JOHN W., farmer 145

HARDING, HUGH, editor of Union and Constitution, 29 Main St.

Harding, Charles, clerk for H. Harding, 29 Main St.

HINDS, A., proprietor Phelps Hotel

HASTINGS, F. E., dry goods & groceries, Main St.

HENRY, JOSEPH, cabinet maker, Main St.

HUMPERY & DRAMAS, proprís Egity Mills, State St.

Humphry, W. H., (Humphry & Braman)

HILL, T. A., foreman machine shop

Hennessy, T. clothing, Main St.

Horet, Leonhard, shoemaker, Main St.

HALSTED, JOHN I., livery and sale sta­bles, res. 12 Hopkins St.

HUFACKER, JOHN, cooper, Chapel St.

HOLLY, S. M., cabinet maker, Chapel St.

Hofner, John P., saloon, Chapel St.

HIRT, JOHN, carriage maker, Main St.

HENNER & PARKER, proprís Prospect Hill Nursery

Henner, John B., (Henner & Parker)

Hinman, Mrs. L., Murray St.

Harris, Edwin, pattern maker, Murray St.

HALSTED, ISAAC, retired, res. Main St.

Hughs, T., farmer

Hunt, J. B., cooper, Murray St.

HAMLING, Mrs. ELIZABETH M., owns farm 54, residence 67 Main St.

HAMPTON, William H., house, sign and carriage painter, Chapel St.

Jones, George W., (Swan & Jones)

JOEL, GEORGE, clothing & hoop skirt manuf. Main St.

Joslin, Z., M.D.

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