New Gazetter & Business Directory
of Livingston, NY, 1868

By G. Emmet Stetson

Town of Nunda - 1868, Page 2

Nunda Station 1868

The following residents of the town of Nunda receive their mail at Nunda Station:

Ayrault, Lyman, general merchant and dealer in grain, wool, &c.

Alvord, Elias, carpenter and joiner

ALDRICH, H. N., blacksmithing and farmer, 172

Baldwin, Chauncey, farmer 69

Burchard, C. W. & Son, harness makers

BAKER, FRANKLIN, farmer 74

Baldwin, Volney, leases 100

Baldwin, C., farmer 70

Buno, P. H., farmer 80

Bonn, Orson, farmer 100

BATTERSON, William, farmer 118

CONKLIN, Mrs. MARY A., farmer 175

Dory, Isaac, sexton and farmer 1

Dunn, Thomas, farmer 50

DOUGLAS, HENRY, blacksmith, carriage ironing, etc.

DOUGLAS, JAMES, blacksmith and farmer 45

DAVIS, EZRA W., shoemaker

Dunn, Charles, carpenter and farmer 40

DAY, C.M. & S.E. milliners and dress makers

Ensworth, Nelson, (Wakman & Ensworth)

Ecker, Cornelius, farmer 8


EVANS, DAWD M., hop grower and farmer 60

Fowler, Andrew A., stock dealer

FOX, Simon L., farmer 50

FOX, HENRY, hop grower and farmer 50

Fox, Christopher, hop grower and far­mer 50

GRAY, THEODORE F., grain and wool dealer

GEARHART, O. A., clerk

Grunder, D. C., (Lowell & Grunder)

GILBERT, A. H., (Van Riper & Co.)

Goodmont, Cornelius, farmer 60

GAHAGAN, ARTHUR, hop grower and farmer 56

Hill, A. C. & H., hop growers & farmers 60

Haines, James, farmer 52

HAMILTON, E. M., prop. Railroad House, Nunda Station

HEWIT, J. S., cooperage of all kinds

Hughs, Ira, farmer 75

Hay, William, hop grower and farmer 75

HAINES, William, farmer 18

King, Joseph F., farmer 108

Kelley, John, butcher and farmer 4

Kinney, William, farmer 30

Lowell & Grunder, dealers in grain and wool

Lowell, A. B., farmer

Lowell, B. K., (Lowell & Grunder)

Lindsey, Almeda S., farmer 49

Maker & Gifford, dealer in dry goods, boots, shoes, etc.

McDonnell, John, farmer

Moulton, B. A., clerk

MAKER, A. & C., manuf. and dealers in boots and shoes

Merithew, Mordecai, thrasher

Morris, H., carpenter and farmer 14

Parker, David, thrasher and farmer 55


Parker, Sanford, stockdealer & farmer 320

Passage, Mrs. Orpha, farmer 48

Passage, Peter, farmer l19

PORTER, DERRICK, farmer 105

PATTERSON, JOHN, hop grower and far­mer, 40

Peckham, Sidney & Co., farmers 110

PETTEYS, EDGAR S., hop grower and farmer 93

Stetson, Miss Ophelia, millinery

SUTHERLAND, HENRY, manufacturer and dealer In boots and shoes

Smith, Mrs. Ellenor

SNIDER, Mrs. HANNAH M., owns 27

SEELTE, BYRON, express and freight messenger

SMITH, ALBERT J., shoemaker

SEELYE, WARREN B., carpenter and joiner

Snyder, Adam, farmer 133

Spoon, Simon, farmer 50

Smith, Josiah, hop grower and farmer 50


Skellenger, John, farmer

STONEBROOOK, George W., leases 300

Sands, J. B., farmer 87

Thompson, L., farmer 93

Thompson, William, retired

Town, Arba, farmer 162

TOWN, HENRY E., lumber dealer and farmer 35

Upson, W. H., telegraph operator

Upson, N.G., agent E.R.R.

Uptegrove, Sylvester, thrasher and far­mer 11

Van Riper & Co., produce dealers

Van Riper, C., dry goods, &c.

Vansickle, John

VAN BUSKIRK, JOHN, hop grower and farmer 47

WHEELER, BALTUS, blacksmith

Wakman & Ensworth, groceries, &c.

Wakman, Miles H., (Wakman. & Ensworth)

WOODARD, JOHN, farmer 46

Warren, F., farmer

WILSON, MARVIN, farmer 12

Tuscarora 1868

The following residents of the town of Nunda receive their mail at Tuscarora:

Bach, L. R., farmer 110

BEARDSLEY, WILLIAM, carpenter and farmer 3

Cox, Mrs., farmer 75

Duryee, Mrs. James, farmer 130

GREEN, HUSTED, farmer 65

GREEN, FRANCIS J., laborer

Jernahan, William, farmer 96

Kernaham, James, farmer 98

McCarther, Mrs. Sally, farmer 18

Seely, Samuel, farmer 12


Silsbee, Horace, leases 112

Swart, I.T., physician

Swain, D. T., farmer 95


Whitnack, Cornelius, farmer 125

WHIPPLE, GEORGE, farmer 89

WHIPPLE, JACOB, leases 300

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