New Gazetter & Business Directory
of Livingston, NY, 1868

By G. Emmet Stetson

  Town of Lima 1868 - Page 3 of 3

North Bloomfield 1868

The following residents of time town of Lima receive their mail at North Bloomfield, Ontario county:

Bond, Edwin B., sawmill, woolen facto­ry and farmer 20

Croft, Edward, shoemaker 1/2

Case, Milo, millwright 3/4

Case, Albert, dealer in lumber, coal and plaster 6

Elwell, George H., farmer 1

Edmonds, Ezbon, farmer 1 1/4

Gates, Richard C., blacksmith 1

Garfield, Hiland H., farmer 95

Hunt, Elston, proprietor of woolen mill 1

Hunt, Arthur H., woolen manufacturer

Idson, John, painter and farmer

Martin, Alexander D., farmer 130

PARKER, WILLIAM B., farmer 109

PARKER, CHARLES L., farmer 108

Parker, David Curtis, farmer

RUMSEY, JOB B. Jr., blacksmith and farmer 14

Ryan, Thomas, laborer

YOUNG, JOHN W., laborer 1/2

South Lima 1868

The following residents of the town of Lima receive their mail at South Lima:

BACKUS, THEODORE, leases 340

BURR, HEMAN, farmer 1 1/4

Ganung, Hiram, farmer 330

Morgan, Thomas C., farmer 120

Newman, John H., farmer 80

West Bloomfield 1868

The following residents of the town of Lima receive their mail at West Bloomfield, Ontario county:

Chopman, Charles, Florence mills, farm­er 50

Chopman, Richard, Florence Mills, farm­er 50

DURANT, JAMES, farmer 30

GRAY, ISAIAH, farmer 226

Gray, Mrs. Abby Jane, farmer 80

Hanna, Isaac, manufacturer of potash and farmer 4

Plimpton, John, farmer 80

Plimpton, Edward, farmer 145

Teller, John, farmer

WHISKER, JAMES, farmer 14

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