New Gazetter & Business Directory
of Livingston, NY, 1868

By G. Emmet Stetson

Mount Morris 1868 - Page 3

Mt. Morris 1868, Continued

JONES, LEWIS, carpenter and Joiner, residence 66 Chapel St.

James, William F. manuf. of paper

KEMP, WALTER. manuf. and dealer in harness, Main St.

KELSALL, A., tin ware, Main St.

Kirkham, L. S., cabinet maker

LOOMIS, EPHRAIM W., carpenter and gun-smith, Chapel St.

LEE, N. P., watches, Jewelry, &c., Chapel St.

LOOMIS, William. B., carpenter and Joiner Lester, William, retired, Chapel St.

Leddick, John, farmer 87

Lake, O. D., assít assessor internal reve­nue, Main St.

Mills, B. P., president Genesee River Na­tional Bank, res. Murray sr.

Millard, A. B., stone and tinware MARTIN, C. R.2 merchant tailor, Main St.

MORGAN, F. W., house, sign and car­riage painter, Chapel St.

Mills, J. E., groceries, crockery, &c., 33 Main St.

MILLER, H. W, druggist, 31 Main St.

McNEILLY, ISAAC, livery stable, Main St.

McARTHUR, JOHN, blacksmith, Canal St.

Marsh, John, harness maker, Chapel St.

MINHAN, DENNIS, leases 40

McNeily, Thos., blacksmith, State St.

MILLS,C. H. & H.P., farmers 32 1/2

Maltbie, Mito H., farmer 52

Marvin, Mose, farmer 95

Miller, Mrs. H. K, Murray St.

MILLS, MINARD, farmer 101

McNAIR, JAMES H., farmer 665

Moses, Miss Aurelia, farmer 10

McNAIR, M. B., breeder of Durham cat­tle and farmer 260

McCormick, Patrick, farmer S

McCormick, CHAS., farmer

McNair, Charles B., farmer 203

McNAIR, Hugh, farmer

McNair, George S., farmer 156

MILLS, SIDNEY H., farmer 108

MOSS, AIRED S., retired, State St.

Mahoney, George, farmer 25

Moyer, Mrs. E., farmer 84

Moyer, Levi, farmer 40

Moyer, Aaron, farmer 95

Moyer, William, farmer 69

Morgan, Charles F., M. D., Main St.

McGowen, Rev. Father, H. Catholic Priest, Chapel St.

Mead, Jacob A., Hon., merchant

NOONAN, M. J., cigar manuf., Chapel St.

NEWSOM, GEORGE, coachman for Mrs. Smith.

NOBLE, W. H., dentist, Murray St.

OíConnor, Patrick, grocery, Main St.

Olp, H. W., carpenter and joiner, Main St.

OLP, JOHN, stock dealer and farmer 160

OLP, JOSEPH P., farmer 346

Phelps, George W., superintendent Avon, Geneseo and Mount Morris R. R.

PARSONS, Rev, LEVI, pastor Presbyte­rian Church, Eagle St.

Pray, Welcomb, (Bump & Pray)

Parker, E. R., butcher, Chapel St.

Parker, Geo. D., (Henner & Parker)

Philaps, Henry, contractorís agent, 58 Murray St.

Pierce, T. H., farmer 50

PIERCE, JOHN, farmer 41

Phillips, S. D., leases 122

Phillips, Daniel, farmer 72

Palmer, Isaac, Shoemaker, S. Hopkins St.

ROBINSON, H. B., agent for Singerís Sewing Machines, 60 Main St.

Richardson, Joseph B., farmer 50

ROBERTS, JAMES W., farmer 71 State St.

Rockfellow, S. H., merchant, 26 Main St.

Richmond, W., jewelry, Main St.

Ready, Rev. Mr., pastor Free Methodist Church, Murray St.

Ryan, James, leases 125

Sanford, Mrs. R. M. assistant postmistress

Seymour, Norman, insurance agent and postmaster, Main St.

SOOVILLE, H. H., prop. Eagle Hotel, 35 Main St.

Stephens, C. W., Attorney, Main St.

Skillin, Mrs. E., dry goods and tailoring, 27 Main St.

Skillin, E. A., clerk for Mrs. E. Skillin Smith, Clinton, blacksmith Main St.

SEYMOUR, S. B., broom handles, shin­gles and heading

SAWENS & JONES, prop. Farmersí Mills

Sawens, W. H.. (Sawens & Jones)

Sargent, George, engineer on Avon, Geneseo & Mt. Morris R. R.

SIMERSON, JOHN, manufacturer of brooms and broom handles

Swarte, David, brewery,

SUTPHEN, DAVID, surveyor and, artist, Main St.

BREAST, JOHN, saloon, Main St.

SUMMERS, G. H., carpenter and joiner, State St.

STAB, JACOB, stone-cutter, Stanley St.

Seeh, Adam, saloon, Chapel St.

Smith, N. T., farmer 150

STARR, MARTIN, farmer 20

Sheldon, Pomeroy, farmer 46

SHAW, L. L. W., shaving and hair-dress­ing, 19 Chapel St.

STURGES, A. H., farmer 90

SHELDON, MEBRICK, farmer 106

Smith, Mrs. L. P., residence Murray Hill

SUTOLIFFE, JAMES, gardener for Mrs. L. P. Smith

Sickles, William, grocery

STOUT, GEORGE F., brick and stone ma­son, 79 Main St.

Scoville William B., mail carrier, Canal St.

SEYMOUR, McNEIL, Attorney, office bank block, Main St., res. 21 Murray St.

Smith, John, farmer 300

Simerson, Franklin, farmer

THOMPSON, Rev. C. J., pastor Baptist Church, Main St.

Tulley, Mrs. R., milliner, Main St.

Totten, L. L., clerk, Main St.

Tame, James, baker, Chapel St.

Tallman, William, farmer 192

Thompson, Philo, farmer 4, 18 Murray St.

Thayer, Mrs. H., farmer 1

Tompkins, O.B., broom maker, Main St.

Thorp, C. C., farmer 107

Tallman, Peter, farmer 70

THOMAS, William H., M.D., 60 Main St.

Union and Constitution, Hugh Harding, editor and proprietor

VAN SCOTHE, George W., foreman Ex­change Mills, Main St.

VAN HOUTEN, GARRET, manufacturer and dealer in boots & shoes, 24 Main St.

Van Norsdall, Henry, farmer 200


Wisner & Gamble, Attorneys, Main St.

WHITNEY, George, S., banker, Main St.

WEIR, JOSEPH R., foreman Egity Mills, 102 Main St.

Wilder, Jefferson, cooper

WINEGAR, C. P., dealer in produce, Cay­uga plaster, water lime, salt, &c

Winegar & Bingham, coal dealers, Main St.

WALLACE, J. D., prop. American Hotel, Main St.

WISNER, R. P., dealer in cattle and farm­er, 400

WILSON, W. H. & SON, hats, caps and furs, &c., &c., Main St.

WOOD, I. J., auctioneer, Main St.

WIGG, ABRAHAM, dealers in lumber, plaster, lime, &c., Canal St.

WRIGHT, ZALMON, carpenter and join­er, Murray Park.

WISEMAN, ROBERT, shoemaker, Chap­el St.

Weeks, Walter C., farmer 80

Weeks, Robert B., farmer 62

Wisner, Perry, farmer 60

Wisner, A. G., leases 60

Welch, Robert, farmer 112

Williams, James P., farmer 9

Wisner, Stephen, farmer 102

YEOMANS, JAMES, drugs, paints, oils, &e., 32 Main St.

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