New Gazetter & Business Directory
of Livingston, NY, 1868

By G. Emmet Stetson

MT. MORRIS 1868 - Page 4

Nunda 1868

The following residents of the town of Mt. Morris receive their mail at Nunda:

BARRETT, Z. W., farmer 126

BRINKERHOFF, H., farmer 84

Bunb, Penelope, farmer 10

Coffin, B. S., farmer, owns 46, leases 114


DOWNS, M. E., agent for mowers and reapers and leases 130

Foot, Norman, leases 120

Huggins, William W., farmer 110

HOLMES, JOHN, farmer 86

JANES, H. M., farmer 99

JANES, WILLIAM S., Attorney, P. O. Box 333

Kendall, E. W., farmer 194

KENDALL, F. & WILL, lease 194

KYES, E. carpenter and joiner

Kahn, Leonard, farmer 93

KYES, FAYETTE, farmer 128

MOSHER, Samuel, farmer 145

Michael, Charles, farmer 165


MARSH, CHARLES & E., farmers 123

McCartney, MARY W. & ISABELLA, farmers 150

Price, James, farmer 73

Stone, Norma9, farmer 100

WAVER, CHARLES H., carpenter and farmer 15

Youngs, John, farmer 6

Oakland 1868

The following residents of the town of Mount Morris receive their mail at Oak­land:

HILL, ELIAS, farmer

Wallace, William, farmer 300

Ridge 1868

The following residents of the town of Mt. Morris receive their mail at Ridge:

Ashton, Seneca, farmer 40

BURKHART, EDWIN, wagon maker

Burkhart, George, wagon maker


Crawford, James, farmer 30

Crawford, Daniel farmer 85

Chase, Roswell, farmer 95

Dunning, William C., farmer 128

Eastwood, D. W., farmer 58 1/2

Eastwood, Daniel, farmer 120

George, Jacob, Jr., leases 120

Gray, Thomas J., farmer 114

Gibbs, C. B., farmer 30

George Jacob, farmer 310

Hall, Orrin, farmer 55

JONES, JESSE B., farmer 175

Jones, Peter 0., leases 175

Jones, Thomas, farmer 151

KELLOGG, HENRY P., farmer 94

McCrary, John, shoemaker

McMichael, Albert, farmer 70

Michael, Jacob, leases 100

Peterson, C., farmer 100

Phillips, Jonathan, farmer 464

Phillips, Jonathan, farmer, 70

ROWE, JOHN W., farmer 49

Richmond, Sylvester, farmer 163

Sharp, A. J., postmaster and farmer 4

Smith, Justin, farmer 266

Stilson, Asahel, farmer 31

SHANK, JONATHAN, blacksmith

Shank, John, blacksmith and farmer 34

Shank, Ephraim, farmer 92

STURGES, L. C., wagon maker

Tallman, Jacob, farmer 212

VAN SICKEL, Rev. H. C. C., farmer 170

Williams, J. & W., farmers, 80

Williams, John, (J. & W. Williams)

Williams, William, (J. & W. Williams)

Williams, Richard, farmer 124

Wing, E. S., farmer, 180

Tuscarora 1868

The following residents of the town of Mount Morris receive their mail at Tus­carora:

Amerman, James L, farmer, 155

ABBOTT, W. W., farmer

Abbott, David, farmer 205

ALVORD, WM. P., farmer 100

Barron, A., farmer, 150

BARRON, L. H., leases 275

Bergen, Samuel, farmer, 160

Bosley, E., farmer 88

Bergen, Jacob, farmer 171

Bogart, R. W., farmer 180

Brinkerhoof, Rev. James G.

BARCOLO, MYRON J., dealer in patents

Barcolo, Mrs., farmer 40

COBURN, L. J., wagon maker

COBURN, E. R, blacksmith

Crevling, Samuel, farmer, 166

Conklin, Garret C., 185

Casey, Patrick, farmer 3


Christie, David P., peddler

DeCamp, John C., farmer 114

Dart, William, farmer 1/2

Dodge, Israel P., Jr., farmer 59

DURYEE, EUGENE, musician

Duryee, Mrs. Eliza, tailoress

Dickenson, James, sawyer

DeCAMP, C. E., stockdealer & farmer, 134

Dart, William, laborer

Egan, Michael, farmer 7

Edwards, Anna

Fiester, William, prop. Union Hotel

Frair, Daniel, farmer

Green, Wilber, thrasher and farmer 18

Galentine, B., farmer


Hall, L. B., music teacher

Hall, William, leases 120

Hall, William, farmer 50

Hall, Isaac

Hagadorn, Henry, farmer 20

Hungerford, Chauncey, painter, 150

JOHNSON, THOMAS W., leases 20



JOHNSON, ANDREW, farmer 122 1/2

Johnson, John, farmer 17

Jefford, H. L., physician

Lashell, Samuel, proprietor Tuscarora Hotel

LA RUE, DAVID, prop. Tuscarora Mills, and farmer 400

Lashell, I. J., blacksmith

LEHMAN, FRED., blacksmithing and carriage ironing

LaRue & Hall, manufacturer of lumber and far­mers 200

McCormick, Rev. B. W., pastor Presbyterian Church

McMaster, P., farmer 115

McKee, George, carpenter and joiner 11

Morell, H., farmer 3

Morrell, Daniel, farmer

Miller, Barckley, farmer, 196

MILLER, B. Jr., & D., dealer in horses and Spanish merino sheep and far­mers 165

Miller, Barckley, Jr., (B. Jr. & D. Miller)

Miller, David, (B. Jr. & D. Miller)

MILLER, PETER, farmer 101

McNEILY, DAVID, farmer 28

MILLHALLEN, JOHN G., farmer 63

Neal, Henry, farmer 72

Northway, Frank A., farmer 25

NORTHWAT. ASAHRL, carpenter and farmer 50

O’BRIEN, WILLIAM, foreman Tuscarora Mills

POST & VANARSDALE, dry goods, gro­ceries, crockery, boats, shoes, &c

Parcels, H., laborer



POST, WILLIAM, farmer 100

Petrie, Peter, farmer 50

Petrie, William & son, dry goods, &c.

Post, Adam, farmer 70

ROBERTS, A. O., thrasher and farmer 50

RITTINHOUSE, JOHN B., farmer 100

Rittinhouse, Alanson, farmer 118

Roberts, B. C., painter

SEDAM, DANIEL P., farmer 168

Shutts, George, farmer 100

Sedam, J. B,, farmer 60

STEVENS, SAMUEL B., farmer 75

SHARP, JAMES S., eclectic physician

Scantlin, W., farmer 1

Sweney, John, farmer 9

Schooser, Martin, shoemaker

SHAW, GEORGE W,, farmer 100

Spinning, A., farmer 98

Seymour & Co., hardware, Main St.

VAN HOUTEN, N. R, farmer 85

VAN HOUTEN, J. P., farmer 100

VAN DEVENTER, William, farmer 50

VAN DORN, PETER, thrasher and farmer 175

Van Etten, E. E., carpenter and farmer 40

Van Auker, Levi, farmer 85

Van Arsdale. T. T. (Post & Van Arsdale)

WELLER, H. C., teamster

WELCH, ROBERT, leases 225

Whitenack, HENRY, farmer 20

Youngs, B., farmer 102

Union Corners 1868

The following residents of the town of Mt. Morris receive their mail at Union Corners:

Bevier, James S., farmer 100

CHAMBERLAIN, H., leases 104

KNAPPENBERGER, HENRY, farmer, 359 1/2

Perrine, William, leases 150

RADMAN, PETER, blacksmith

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