New Gazetter & Business Directory
of Livingston, NY, 1868

By G. Emmet Stetson

Caledonia 1868

Avon 1868

The following residents of the town of Caledonia receive their mail at Avon:

Lacy, Volney, farmer 300

Caledonia 1868

Allen, Garret, manufacturer of grain cradles

Ares, Horatio, laborer

Adams, Henry B., tinsmith

AWLE, ROBERT, shoemaker

Burges, Charles and Elwood, general merchants

Blakeslee, Mrs. Margaret, druggist

Boilen, Frank, laborer

Boilen, James, laborer

Brown, Thos. FL, carpenter

BRADHURY, WM., weaver

Blackman, Charles W., manufacturer of grain cradles

BALL, CHAS. A., blacksmithing

Brady, Hugh, shoemaker

Blakeslee, Mrs. Mary B., dressmaker

Barber, Pomeroy S., manufacturer of malt and brewer

Bowers, Benjamin I., railroad ag’t (Caledonia)


Boorman, Tiles., house and sign painter

Beattie, Mrs. Ann S., groceries

Brown, Samuel, farmer 13

Burns, Patrick, farmer 3

Blair, John, laborer

Bold, Samuel C., farmer 17

Brownell, Sylvester, dealer in sheep, farmer 285

BARRON, WM., farmer 260

Campbell, Collin, harness maker

CAMERON, CHAS. S., farmer 126

Cuningham, Patrick, laborer

Caruthers, Wilson, laborer

Cameron, Alexander S., farmer 5

Cameron, Mrs. C.

Curphey, William J., shoemaker and butcher

Clark, Chas., carpenter

Christie, John, carpenter

Campbell, James, farmer 112 (lives on State Road)

Campbell, John M., farmer 121

Callen, Lawrence, farmer 120

Campbell, Peter, farmer 95

Campbell, Malcolm M., farmer 132

Cornor, James, laborer

Campbell, Peter. Jr., farmer 127

Coffe, Patrick, with Philip and James McGrovarn

Campbell, Daniel J., farmer 123

CAMERON, CHAS. A., farmer 231

Cameron, Mrs. Mary W., farmer 140

Carlin, Mrs. Mary, farmer 4 1/2

Clark, Mrs. Mary H., dressmaker

Cameron, Dugald E., farmer 250

Christie, Mrs. Margaret, farmer 97

Campbell, John M., farmer 105

Christie, Mrs. Jannet, seamstress

Caton, Peter K., doctor

Dean, Oriange, postmaster and farmer 375

Davis, Joel, stone mason

Donohue, Joseph, laborer

Denoon, Alex. and James, farmers 118

Dean, Martin, John and Orange, farmers 345

Dorn, Geo., laborer

Delbridge, Thos., shoemaker and farmer 32

ESPIE, JAMES, Farmer 149

Espie, Robert, Farmer 125

Estes, Edward, Farmer 90

Foot, Prosper P., Hotel Keeper

Frear, Mrs. Isabel.

Forsyth, Mrs. Catharine, Store

Farnham, Joseph C., Billiard Room

FERREN, CHAS. N., Station Agent And Telegraph Operator

FRASER, WM., E. R. R. Clerk

Ferrin & Fraser, dealers In coal, &c.

Fraser, Alex., farmer 160

FERGUSON, ALEX., farmer 137

Finch, Seely

Fraser, James, farmer 125

Fraser, lames J., farmer 100

FELEY, William. O., farmer 40

Gilds, Joseph W. farmer 73

Glasby, Patrick, farmer 92

Gordon, Angus, farmer 100

Gordon, Alex., farmer 104, and leases 204

Gordon, Angus C., leases 205

Gogerty, Thomas, farmer 4

Guthrie, William, farmer 200

Hamilton, William, produce dealer and farmer 76

Hacket, Margaret

Hatch, Henry G., manufacturer of grain cradles and farmer 110

Hotchkin, Augustus

Haggart, Mrs. Catharine, farmer 150

Hannah, John, W., agents for mowers and reapers and horse rakes, farmer 186

Hannah, Thomas R., retired farmer

HOSMER, JOHN H., farmer 188

Johnson, Miss H. J.


Johnson, Lewis F., carpenter

Johnson, Samuel, farmer 20

Kelley, Denis

Kaleher, Patrick, laborer

Kenish, John J., shoemaker

LAWSON, DANIEL O., farmer 100

Laidlow, Time., butcher

Lynch, Patrick, farmer 11

Leatherecich, David, farmer 64

McLaren, Rev. Malcolm N.

Malloy, Patrick, harness maker

Malloch, Mrs. Margaret.

McNugton, Mrs. Margaret

Mullin, Alex., laborer

Mullin, Patrick

Miller, Samuel, laborer

McKay, Mrs. Mordecai

McNaughton, Peter, carpenter

McNaughton, Mrs. R. W.

Moore, George W., manufacturer of grain cradles

Moore, Mrs. Margaret, milliner

McLeean, Mrs. John

McNaughton, JAMES, wagon maker

MENZIE, ROBERT J., physician

McNab, James, farmer 165

McGregar, Daniel, wheelwright

MOSS, Jarred W., prop. Caledonia House

Mead, John, baggage master

Markham, Ranson, manufacturer wooden ware, pumps, bores and hand rakes, Ac.

McKay, JOHN, miller and manufacturer of wooden ware, lumber, cider, etc, etc, farmer 150

McKencie, Mrs. Hannah

McLane, Mary

McKay, James B., retired farmer, owns 79

McLachlen, Archibald, spoke factory

McLaren, Rev. William S.

McKay, John A., farmer 420

McColl, John D., farmer 400

McColl, Dugald F., farmer 48

McColl, ALEX. D., farmer 150

McKenzie, John A., farmer 185

McNaughton, Malcom, farmer 189

McKenzie, William S., millwright and farmer 140

McColl, Duncan D., farmer 150

McLachlen, Daniel, farmer 150

McColl, Daniel, Jr., farmer 100

McKenzie, Donald and Simon, farmers 188

McVean, John C., farmer 250

McColl, Hugh D., farmer 480

McVean, Duncan D., farmer 340

MOOR, JAMES, leases 120

McGOVARN, JAMES & PHILLIP, (with Patrick Coffee,) farmers 100

McIntyre, John, farmer 140

Mattason, Willard G., farmer 150

McVean, James, farmer 102

McVean, Wallace W., laborer

McWilliam, James, matting

Mallock, John, farmer 102

Meach, Winfield S., leases 180

McNab, John, farmer 166

Masterton, William H., farmer 14

McNaughton, Donald, farmer 212

McKenzie, Kenneth, farmer 80

Mosier, Potter, farmer 50

McNaughton, John H., composer of music and farmer 225

Maxwell, William, farmer 120

Maxwell, William Jr., farmer 150

McNaughton, Duncan, farmer 100

McPeak, Cornelius

McPherson, DANIEL, farmer 250

McNaughton, John, retired farmer

NELSON, William C., carpenter and joiner

Ogerman, John, laborer

Orr, Collin, farmer 10

Purky, Jacob, laborer

PRESTON, THOS., laborer

PARKS, LUTHER, carpenter

Place, Robert N., merchant

Pervis, James, leases 250

Pherson, Alex. F., stock dealer

Risden, Chas.. merchant

Reed, Peter, merchant

Rogers, Patrick, farmer 10

Ritchie, Robert, farmer 240

Renwick, Archibald, leases 240

Smith, Duncan, blacksmith

Scott, Robert W., shoemaker

Sinclar, Miss Christina, tailoress

Sulivan, William, laborer

Smith, James, blacksmith

STAUB, LORENZO, easy-made clothing

Stuart, John, blacksmith

Stuart, Sarah, milliner

Shink, John, leases 104

Simpson, Alex. P., farmer 75

Simpson, James, leases 120

Sinclair, James D., farmer 112

Sinclair, John, farmer 80

Sinclair, Mrs. Mary, farmer 120

Swanton, Robert, laborer

Tygart, William, laborer

THOMPSON, NEWTON, leases 110

Thompson, George W., retired farmer, owns 170

THOMPSON, DUGALD, farmer 105

WELLS, HARLOW W., physician and farmer 17, leases 250

Wilson, Mrs. Ann R., groceries

Wilson, Robert, shoemaker

Walker, John H., moulder

Watson, Miss Ann, dry goods and groceries

Williams, Thomas, Edgar and William J., groceries, provisions, Ac.

Walker, David, farmer 17

Wilson, James, farmer 10

Walker, Mrs. Jane R., farmer 140

Walker, David H., agent for Mrs. Jane R. Walker

Weeks, James A., farmer 115

WALKER, JOHN W., farmer 145

WEEKS, ERASTUS and ISAAC, farmers 150

Watson, Robert, farmer 160

Williams, William, farmer 5

Fowlerville 1868

The following residents of the town of Caledonia receive their mail at Fowlerville:

Brown, Thos., farmer 100

Christie, Charles, miller and farmer (Hugh Christie est.) 170

Calder, Robert, leases 100

Heath, Lorean, leases 100

LOWRY. William W., farmer 115

Page, George, miller

LeRoy 1868

The following residents of the town of Caledonia receive their mail at Le Roy, Genesee county:

Carmichael, Daniel D., farmer 51

Carmichael, John J., leases 140

Carmichael, Mrs. Mary, owns farm 140

Carmichael, Jonas J., farmer 135

Hanlon, James H., farmer 106

Keean, Thos., farmer 80

McEwen, Duncan, farmer 150

McIntyre, John, farmer 50

Sinclair, Duncan, farmer 83

Mumford 1868

The following residents of the town of Caledonia receive their mail at Mumford, Monroe county:

GREEN, SETH, trout pond, fish propagating, &c.


Scottsville 1868

The following residents of the town of Caledonia receive their mail at Scottsville, Monroe county;

Budlong, Milton, leases 1,300

Burney, Thos., carpenter

Cameron, James H., farmer 104

Cameron, Duncan, farmer 146

Cameron, Alexander, farmer 120

COX, DARIUS, farmer 400

Campbell, Peter P., farmer 250

Estes, Alton, farmer 100

Estes, Robert, farmer 100

HALLOCK, ISAAC C., farmer 75

Hicks, Isaac, farmer 160 -

Mosier, Ashley, leases 400.

MAXWELL, JAMES A, farmer 200

McLean, John, leases 56

Rutherford, Walter, farmer 120

Strong, Chas., farmer 100

Shaw, Peter, farmer 70

Wells, James, farmer 100

West Avon 1868

The following residents of the town of Caledonia receive their mail at West Avon:

Curtis, William S. and William O., lease 600

FELLOWS, JOHN, farmer 150



HOLLENEECK, ANDREW, proprietor of the stallion Mayduke, farmer 2811

Jenkins, Mrs. Ann, farmer 68

Mosier, Nathaniel, farmer 181

McKenzie, Simon, farmer 330

MEARE, William., blacksmith

MeVean, Archibald, farmer 11

Murtha, Thomas, laborer

Preston, Lyman O., grain dealer and farmer 4

STODDARD, JOHN, manufacturer of brooms and farmer 17

SEARCH, Thomas, grocer and produce dealer


Simmons, Henry and Aaron, lease 570

WHITMORE, JAMES, carpenter

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