New Gazetter & Business Directory
of Livingston, NY, 1868

By G. Emmet Stetson

  Town of Lima 1868

Honeoye Falls 1868

The following residents of the town of Lima receive their mail at Honeoye Falls, Monroe county:

Angle, Anson L., farmer 250

Bond, Winslow, farmer 55

Bickford, Jothem, farmer 53

Comins, Mrs. Sarah, farmer 26

Cargill, Harmon B., farmer

COMMINS, MANASSEH L., farmer 150

Graham, Orson, farmer 53 1/2

Glass, George W., farmer 57 1/2

GREEN, RODOLPHUS W., laborer 1/2

Pierce, Martin B., farmer 150

PIERCE, FRANK M., carpenter and joiner 1

Smalley, John VI., farmer 64

Stiles, Egbert, farmer

SHEDD, EUGENE H., farmer 92

Lima 1868

The following residents of the town of Lima receive their mail at Lima:

American Hotel, Smith H. Newman, proprietor

ATKINS, William, liquors, oysters, finite, confectionery, &c.

ARNOLD, William, shoemaker and magistrate

AYLING, WILLIAM, upholstery and cabinetmaker

ARNOLD, CRARLES F., farmer 25

Atwell, Silas C., farmer 58, leases 24

ATWELL, GEORGE W., farmer 185, leases 20

Agan, Miss Ann

Aagan, Patrick, blacksmith and farmer 5

Arnold, Rev. Joseph T., Methodist cler­gyman

Banter, Adam, farmer 6

BUTLER, WILLIAM, (agent,) dealer in books and stationery

BRISTOL, CHARLEY B., meat market and cattle dealer, farmer 15

Boeheme, Ernst A., bakery and livery sta­ble, farmer 1

BROWN, FLORENTINE J., carpenter and joiner

Bonner, Benjamin, farmer 16

Baird, Selah M., blacksmith, farmer 1/2

BURK, WILLIAM, house and carriage painter

Beadle, Miss Harriet A.

BENTON, Rev. ALPHONSO L., pastor Presbyterian Church

Barnard, Rev. John, retired Presbyterian clergyman, farmer 7

Buttolph, Milton, hop grower, grapery and farmer 11

Bryan, Miss Margaret, washerwoman

Beckwith, Seth, farmer 125

Brats, Robert, mason and farmer 7

Burns, Miss Mary

Barnhouse, George, carpenter and joiner

Bennett, Dr. H. George, Allopathic physician

Bryan, Mrs. Bridget, washerwoman

Baker, Mrs. Malinda

Bennett, Mrs. Polly

Bragdon, Mrs. Elijah B., hoarding house

Buxton, John Henry, cabinet maker

Baker, Bayze W., farmer 85

Benedict, Lewis, farmer 130

BURNS, PATRICK,(With Michael Burns,) farmer 130

Burns, Michael, (with Patrick Burns,) farmer 130

BREEN, JOHN, farmer 7

BACON, HENRY, farmer 91

Briggs, Jonathan P., farmer 95, leases 40

Briggs, Elijah W, farmer 100, leases 130

Brown, Harvey, house painter

Bishop, Thomas P., farmer 12

Beckwith Gilbert, farmer 130

BARTON, ELIJAH C., farmer 100

Boom, John D., farmer 110

Burns, James, laborer

Brown, Romeo W., farmer 20

Brinan, John, farmer 9

Bishop, Cyrus, farmer 70

BISSELL, CARLOS A., farmer 102

Bonner, Samuel, farmer 230


Challis, William, barber

Carter, Franklin, dealer in dry goods and groceries, village lot 4

Chambers, Joseph,  (Watkins & Cham­bers) farmer 7

COOK, ELLIOT, M. D. Homeopathic physician, Smith’s Bloc

Chase, Henry, carpenter and joiner

Cohler, John, tailor

CHASE, LEVI C., Justice of the Peace

Coventry, Stephen M.

Conway, Dennis, laborer

Clark, Mrs. Nancy E.

Campbell, Dr. John A., Allopathic physician, farmer 3

Copeland, Mrs. Sarah T.

Coe, Horace, farmer 10

Courneen, Mrs. Mary, farmer 4

Chappell, James W., surveyor and farmer 15

COPELAND, PARCUS T., farmer 24

Copeland, Charles D., nursery, fruit grow­er and farmer 5

Clark, Carlos

Chatfield, John, carpenter and joiner, farmer 9

Crandall, Amos, Homeopathic physician 1 41/100 acres

Chappell, Harman, farmer 200

Cummings, Rhoady, laborer

Coventry, Charles M. (Mitchel & Coventry)

Corey, William, stage driver, 1 1/2

CONNELLY, JOHN, farmer 63

Culver, George K., farmer 70


CARY, WILKISON, farmer 55

Conway, Patrick, farmer 25

Cummins, Hugh, farmer 14

Carroll, Ellis, farmer 78

Clow, Caleb, blacksmith and farmer 3 1/2

Conley, Daniel, farmer 10

Crouse, George D., farmer 170

Chappell, Harvey, farmer 170

Chapman, George, farmer 33

Chapman Charles H., farmer 22

Chapman, Silas, farmer 5

Carey, James, farmer 84

Connor, Leonard B., cabinet maker ¾

Decker, Richard, farmer 93

Decker, Henry, farmer 105

De Lano, Silas B., cattle dealer 3

DECKER, HENRY, attorney and counselor at law

Dartt, George W, carriage making and repairing 2 ½

DARTT, R. P. carriage making

DAILEY, JOEL,, staging and ticket agent

DAY DANIEL and LEVI C., farmers 165

Dusenberi, Samuel

Day, Michael O., carpenter and joiner

Douglass, William C., boarding house

DALTON, EDWARD, tin and glass ware dealer and farmer 10

Dalton, John, farmer 21

DAILEY, CHARLES, farmer 13

DALTON, WILLIAM, farmer 107

Deal, Conrad, breeder of Spanish merino sheep, farmer 245


Dodge, Lorenzo D., farmer and drover 11

Dann, Underhill, farmer 100

DUNN, JOHN, farmer 33

EXCELL, WILLIAM, carpenter and joiner 5/8

Egbert, Munson, laborer

Ellis, S. G., physician

Eagan, James, farmer 36

Eagan, John, farmer 33

ELDS, RICHARD, farmer 25

FOREMAN, JOSEPH, merchant tailor 1/2

FRENCH, Mrs. Hellen A.

French, John R., Professor of Mathematics

Fowler, Samuel G., farmer

Frost, Mrs., Phebe, boarding house

Finigan, Francis, farmer 28

FLYNN, Morgan, farmer 48

Freeman, George, farmer 52

FETTICK, JOHN, blacksmith and farm­er 5

Fitzpatrick, John, laborer

Francis, Franklin B., School Commissioner, farmer 77

Franklin, John, farmer 3 ¾

Finnegan, Thomas, laborer 76

Ferris, Peter, laborer

FAHY, Mrs. ANN 1/2

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