New Gazetter & Business Directory
of Livingston, NY, 1868

By G. Emmet Stetson

Town of Livonia 1868

Livonia Station 1868

The following residents of the town of Livonia receive their mail at Livonia Station:

AFFOLTER, SAMUEL, harness maker, house and lot

ANDRUS, C. Y., dry goods, groceries, drugs and medicines

Aunts, A., laborer, house and lot

Armstrong, J., farmer 130

Armstrong, Matthew, farmer 104

ANNIS, E. S., farmer 135

Annis, Augustus, farmer 84

Ames, R.

BOWEN, CARLTON, dealer in produce, lumber, coal, plaster, &c.

BARTON & CHAPIN, (H. A. Barton, W. Chapin,) dealers in drugs, groce­ries, &c.

BOWEN, FERGUSON, carpenter and joiner

Byam, John W., attorney and counselor at law

Boardman, Mrs. E. A., millinery

Bronson, W. H., resident

Burr, William, blacksmith

Briggs, B. F., produce dealer

Bailey, Thos., farmer 160

BLAKE, B. J., farmer 300

Bailey, T., farmer 160

Brainard, James, farmer 10

Blake, Ruel L., farmer 2,550

BOLLES, ELTON, farmer 136

Chapin, W. (Barton & Chapin)

CARPENTER, JOHN H., lumber dealer

Clark, E.

Clark, E. L.

Canfield, O., farmer 50

Covert, J., farmer 13 1/2

Chapin, C., farmer 80

Clark, Mrs. Ama B., farmer 68

DAY, O. W. & CO., hardware, paints and oils

Durkee, B., painter

DIXSON, E. R., farmer 80

Dixson, H., farmer 45

Densmore, Robert, farmer 72

DURKEE, MELVIN E., leases 75

Francis, S., farmer 48

FOWLER, George, farmer 3 1/2

GREENHALGH, JAMES, planing mill, sash, doors and blinds, and prop. of Greenhalgh Hotel (Livonia sta­tion)

Greenhalgh, R., resident

Gillett, Moses, farmer 110


Gove, Nathaniel, farmer 93

GULDNER & MILLER, merchants (but sold to Andrew Holden)

Gale, C., painter

HOLT, P. E., tailor and dealer in ready-made clothing

HART, L. C., general speculator

HULBERT, Dr. JOEL C., Eclectic physi­cian


HAMILTON, A., farmer 25

Hopkins, J. R., produce dealer

HOLMES, WM. M., leases 172

Handlin, James, farmer 20

Holden, Andrew, (successor to Guldner & Miller,) general merchant

Handlin, P., farmer 10

HATCH, George R., leases 131

JOHNSON, H. E., telegraph operator

Jackson, Mrs. Mary A., farmer 7

KINGSBURY, H. D., produce dealer

King, Capt. John, agent for patent dial stove dampers, (best in use;) also, general speculator

Kerwin, J., farmer 15

KEYES, A. C., builder

Locke, H. F., employee at Livonia R. R. station

Locke, Mrs. B.

Long, H., carpenter

Long, Christopher, farmer 110

LONG, ABRAM, leases 110

LONG, JACOB, farmer 5

Locke, John, farmer 65

MOSES, WILBER, prop, of Baldwin Ho­tel (Livonia Station)

Meachem, William G., physician and sur­geon

MEACHUN, C., blacksmith

McCLINTOCK, William C., farmer 221

McClintock, Abraham, farmer 128

Mather, Joseph H., farmer 37

NELL, R. & SON, dealers in dry goods, groceries, &c.

Neal, R. Sr. (R. Neal & Son)

Neal, R. jr. (R. Ned & Son)

NEFF, JACOB, farmer 87

Nottingham, George, farmer 40


PARKS, H. N., mason

PRICE, C. H., farmer 90

Pease, H., farmer 120

Phalen, J., farmer 10

Price, Wilson, farmer 53

Powell, Mrs. Rhoda, farmer 50

Powell, Jasper, farmer 41

Price, Garret, farmer

Pemberton, R. A., farmer 155 1/2

RAMSDELL George F., agent U. S. Express and station agent (Livonia station)

Ramsdell, F., bookkeeper at depot

Runyan, Cornelius, farmer 2

Read, Mrs. Horatio, farmer 225

REED, J. C., farmer


SNYDER, JOHN, boot and shoe maker

Smith, P. M., grocer


Sanger, J., mechanic

Smith, H. A., speculator

Stewart, A., barkeeper

Summers, M., cabinet maker

Summers, —, (with M. Summers,) cabi­net maker

SMITH, LYMAN, farmer 21

Salinger, Issacher, leases 50

SHARP, A. T , leases 130

STOAX, Charles S., leases 65

SANFORD, JOSEPH C., stock dealer and farmer 130

Stedman, B. L., farmer 80

Stoaxe, John A., painter

Thayer, H. D., on M. Williams’ est. 110

Thompson, A L , grocer

Trimmer, C., farmer 160 ˝

Van Syke John, farmer 142

Van Syke James, farmer 12

Woodruff, Jeremiah, stock dealer

Whitney, C. E., farmer 260

WITHEY, R. laborer

Withey, L. B., farmer

Williams, O. F., on M. Williams est. 110

Williams, H. S., on M. Williams est. 110

Woodruff, Austin, farmer 172

Wilkin, _, farmer 49

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