New Gazetter & Business Directory
of Livingston, NY, 1868

By G. Emmet Stetson

Town of Dansville 1868

Dansville 1868

The following residents of the town of North Dansville receive their mail at Dansville

ALBINGER, JOSEPH, pastor St. Mary's Church, 22 Franklin St.

Austin,Harriet N., (Our Home on the Hill Side)

AVERY, A. J., house, sign and carriage painter, corner Spruce and Pine St.

ANDERSON, A. M., dealer in drugs, med­icines, paints, oils, &c., 162 Main St.

Altmeyer, Francis, dealer in furniture, 102 Main St.

ANGELL & CO., dealers in groceries, flour and feed, Main St.

Angart, N., cooper, Main St.

ANDERSON, J. N., homeopathic physi­cian, office and res. 97 Main St.

Alverson, Augustus, boatman, Jefferson St.

ARTMAN, JOAN, prop. Porter Mills

ALLEN, SAMUEL, moulder and gunsmith

Aldrich & Curbs, prop. Grove Mills

ALDRICH, J. W., (Aldrich & Curtis)

Austin, M. O.; dry goods, 149 Main St.

American Hotel, Howe & Coon props., 163 Main St.

BUNNNELL, A. O., editor and proprietor Western New York Advertiser, Main St.

Brown, A. J., (Brown & Grant)

BROWN & GRANT, dealers in hardware, 164 Main St.

Blake, Z., M. D., allopathic physician, 14 Ossian St.

Beach, George R.

BROWN, William Jr., bakery, general dealer in fruits, plants & seeds, 159 Main St.

Betts, J., dealer in boots and shoes, 145 Main St.

Bissell, Miss E. P., hoop‑skirt manufactu­rer, 137 1/2 Main St.

BRAYTON, S. S. & CO., dealers in dry goods, groceries, carpets, boots and shoes, 155 Main St.

BRAYTON, J. F., dealer in clothing, hats, caps, gents' furnishing goods, 137 Main St.

Brayton, B., retired farmer, Washington St.

Bradner, Lester, president Bank of Dansville, Main St.

BEACH, J. T., dealer in groceries, provi­sions, wince & liquors, 182 Main St.

Beebe, G. W., (Stephen & Beebe) 140 Main St.

BRADLEY, MRS. H. M., (Mrs. Bradley & McWhorter) 134 Main St.

Bradley, Mrs. & McWhorter, manuf. hoop skirts, 134 Main St.

Biek, V., prop hotel, Main St.

BROWN, J. W., (Haas, Stoat & Co.) 225 Main St.

Boyer, H., shoemaker, Exchange St.

Bemmel, Joseph, blacksmith, Pine St.

Bradley & Pfundtner, marble works, Ex­change St.

BRADLEY, WM., (Bradley & Pfundtner,) Exchange St.

Burke, J. M.

Barrett, James, laborer

BOYD, JAMES T., miller at Faulkner's Miss

BAGLEY, B., supt. Livingston Mills

Brace, A. P., agt. Canaseraga Mills

Brown, A., manuf. of spinning wheels

Babcock, E. W., farmer 1

Bayer, Rev. John A., farmer 15

Balcom, Hiram, millwright

Bailey, J. J., (O. B. Maxwell & Co.

BEETS & PRUSIA, photographers 137 1/2 Main St.

Blodgett, T., boatman, 20 Jefferson St.

Brewster, H. A., (Pierson & Brewster)

BOYD, Mr. & Mrs. JAMES S., millinery and fancy goods, 130 & 132 Main St.

Bank of Dansville, Lester Bradner, pres., Luther Grant, cashier

Cook, Mrs. A., milliner, over 175 Main St.

CAMERON, ROBERT, harness, saddles, trunks, etc., Main St.

CARPENTER, T., grocery and commis­sion house, 134 Main St.

Curtis, M., merchant tailor, Main St.

Clemons, George W., clerk, res. 45 Ossian St.

Clark, E. P., (S. P. Williams & Co.)

CLARK, C. E., surveyor, 95 Main St.

Casterline, C. G., prop. Canaseraga stage, 26 Franklin St.

Cogswell, D., lumber dealer, Canal St.

COOPER, P. D., building mover, Quay St.

Curtis, George B.. (Aldrich & Curtis)

Culver, Hiram, wagon maker, 38 Elizabeth St.

Dansville Express, Robbins & Poore, edi­tors and proprietors

Dansville Seminary, H. R. Sanford, A. M., Principal, Ancient Languages and Natural Sciences; Rev. A. Rumpff, Ph. D., German; J. M. Emery, Com­mercial Department; Miss M. F. Hendrick, Preceptress ; French and mathematics; Mrs. H. R. Sanford, Eng. literature; —, Mu­sic; — —, Ornamental Dep.

Dyer, H. F., (Dyer Brothers)

Dyer Brothers, dry goods, Main St.

Dyer, S. S., (Dyer Brothers)

De LONG, GEORGE W., sash, doors and blinds, 75 Main St.

Denniston, Leonard, farmer, leases 250

Dorr, R. L., farmer 84

Drahmer, N., carpenter end farmer 4

Dimick, Nathan C., farmer

Dieter, John, farmer 26

DECKER, SAMUEL, farmer 101

Dickerson, Andrew B., farmer, leases 186

DILDINE, Z., blacksmith, 103 Main St.

Durkee, M. M., 87 Main St.

DAVIS, M. L., chemist, 10 Ossian St.

DRAKE, ISAAC W., harness, trunks, whips, etc., 147 Main St.

Durr, F., hats, caps, clothing , furs, etc.,151 Main St.

DICK, C., boots and shoes, 127 Main St.

Dunckelburgh, John H, clerk

DEMMON, CHARLES F., harness maker

DAVIS, LEWIS L., plastic slate roofing, Ossian St.

Emery, J. M., teacher, Dansville Seminary

ENDRESS, S. L., M. D., physician & surgeon, 196 Main St.

Endress, Isaac L., attorney

Earl, Thomas, groceries and provisions, 191 Main St.

ENGEL, WENDEL, German House, 197 Main St.

Eschrich, Frank, groceries, 199 Main St.

Edwards, I. McC., P. O. clerk

Eschrich, John, (with Frank Eschrich) brewer, Franklin St.

Esebrich, Frank, (with John Esebrich)

Ellis, Miss Elizabeth, paper counter

FERGUSON, Rev. L. D., pastor Episco­pal Church, 5 Liberty St.

FAULKNER, S. D., attorney, Main St.

FIELDER, F. & CO., dry goods, groceries, etc., 157 Main St.

Faulkner, R. S., produce dealer, 139 Main St.

FIRST NATIONAL BANK Dansville, James Faulkner, president, Sidney Sweet, vice president

James Faulkner, cashier

Faulkner, James, president and cashier First National Bank, Dansville

Foster, G. W., (Wilson, McCollum & Co.)

FISK, GEORGE C., plaster and planing Mills, Ossian St.

Fogle, Frederick, farmer 3

Fronk, George, farmer 100

Faulkner, L. D., supt. gas works, Canal St.

FREIDEL, ANDREW, (with Jacob Smith,) grape growers

Fronk Samuel, farmer 10

Grant, Col. T. B., (Brown & Grant)

Grant, Luther, cashier Bank of Dansville, Main St.

Griffith, T. F., oysters, fruits, etc., 135 Main St.

Gallagher, Thomas, (Sweet & Gallagher)

Gillium, Adam, prop. Globe saloon, 181Main St.

GUNTHER, F. R. butcher, fresh and salt fish, &c., Main St.

GILDER, JACOB J., fashionable hair­dressing, shampooing, &c., Howarth block, Main St.

Goodno, Charles, harness, saddles, whips, &c., Exchange St.

GILMAN, M. & BRO., agts. Canaseraga machine shop, Ossian St.

Gilman, E. R., (M. Gilman & Bro.)

Gilman, Moses B, machinist, res. Knox St.

Gary, George O., boatman, 22 Jefferson St.

GARY, JOHN, boatman, 31 Jefferson St.

Gardiner, C. L., miller, Canaseraga Mills

GARY, JOSEPH, teamster, Canal St.

GODDARD, GEORGE W, foreman paper mills, Main St.

GROSS, EDGAR, carp. & joiner, Main St.

Goodrich, N. W., mason

Gibson, W., farmer 26

Goundry, John, farmer 152

Gelder, Chris.

GRAHAM, JAMES, fireman, paper mills

Gary, Miss Julia, paper counter

Gottschall, Lewis, tailor, 24 Jefferson St.

Hendrick, Miss M. F., teacher, Seminary

Hyland, G., dry goods, 161 Main St.

HAEKLEIN, HENRY, dry goods, cloth­ing, etc., 131 Main St.

Hess & Tiffany, dry goods, 121 Main St.

Hess, John, (Hess & Tiffany)

HARTMAN, J. H., butcher, dealer in fresh and salt meats, 189 Main St.

Hess, George, produce dealer, Main St.

HAAS, J. W., (Haas, Stout & Co.)

Haas, Stout & Co., carriage manufactu­rers, 11 Exchange St.

Hemaly, Fred., lager beer saloon, Ex­change St.

HENRY, H., prop. Dansville & Wayland stage, office, 166 Main St.

HORTON, CYRUS, millwright and pat­tern maker, Knox St.

HALL, A. &,CO., harness, trunks, whips, over 182 Main St.

HOWE & COON, props. American Hotel, 163 Main St.

Hopkins, George, dealer in horses

Hubbard, Henry, well curbs, Ossian St.

Hammond, A. & Co., tanning and wool pulling, South. St

Howland, A. W., wood turner, Main St.

Harm, John G., farmer 2

Henry, H., farmer 60

HARTMAN, GEORGE, farmer 116

HARTMAN, H., farmer 160

HARTMAN, WILLIAM, farmer 186

HARRISON, H. T., blacksmith, 218 Main St.

Hartman, Mrs. Sarah, farmer, 60, 233 Main St.

HARTHAN, EDMUND, blacksmithing, Milton St.

HASLER, WILLIAM, carpenter and joiner, 84 Main St.

Hubertus, Jacob, butcher

Hubert, Albert, brewer

Haas, William carpenter

Hubertus, S. & Co., clothing, 141 Main St.

HANN, CHARLES F., wagon maker

Ingersoll, Daniel, harness maker, over 129 Main St.

Ingraham, William, building mover and pile driver, Quay St.

Jackson, James C., M. D., physician-in-chief, Our Home on the Hillside

Jackson, James H., (Our Home on the Hillside)

Jackson, Lucretia B., (Our Home on the Hillside)

JESSUP, Rev. SAMUEL Presbyterian clergyman

JONES, S., furniture, pianos, organs, coffins, &c., 125 Main St.

Jones, E. B., butcher, Liberty St.

Jones, H. P., (Thomas & Jones)

JlNCKS, MELVIN, inventor, machinist, etc., Ossian St.

JONES, T. ERWIN, carriage manufactu­rer, Ossian St.

JOHNSON & STEWART, wool carding and cloth dressing, Dorr St.

Johnson, O. B., (Johnson &.Stewart)

Jones, Thomas, tanner and currier 59 Perine St.

Keiser, L. & Co., clothing, Main St.

Knapp, G. L., flour and feed, 107 Main St.

Klink, John, laborer, 193 Main St.

Kingsley, H. A., clerk

Kenney & Nelson, drugs, &c., 146 Main St.

Kenney, O. O., (Kenney & Nelson)

Kern, C. H., insurance agent, Main St.

KRAMER, GEORGE, house, sign and car­riage painter, Clay St.

Klauck, N. & Co., tanners and curriers, Main St.

KLAUCK, JOSEPH, (N. Klauck & Co.)

KERSHNER, PHILIP, farmer 107

Kramer, John, hotel keeper, Main St.

Kanonse, Jonathan farmer 75

Kanouse, Paul, farmer 50

KNOWLTON, F. D., prop. paper mills

Kiehle, T. C., machinist

Kelly, John C., (Shepard & Kellys)

Kelly, Edward, (Shepard & Kellys)

KIDD, ABRAM, farmer 147

Kidd, Joseph, farmer 116

KLDAY, Miss KATE O., dress and cloak making, 16 Franklin St.

Knappenberger, Miss Jennie, dress mak­er, Main St.

Kramer, William, clerk

Krein, James, grocer, 123 Main St.

La Rue, W. J., jeweler, 153 Main St.

LATTIMER, H. C., groceries, crockery, etc., 175 Main St.

Leonard, C. W., cigar maker, 177 Main St.

LEMEN BROTHERS, foreign and domes­tic dry goods, 150 Main St.

Lemen, H. H., (Lemen Brothers)

Lemen, J. N., (Lemen Brothers)

Luther, B., dealer in sheepskins, Spruce St.

Laforce, P., lager beer saloon, 122 Main St.

Lindsay, James, blacksmith, Exchange St.

Lindsay, Frank W., blacksmith, 24 Canal St.

Lewis, G. W.

LOZIER, FRANK, carriage maker, Frank­lin St.

LOCKLING, NATHAN, manufacturer of Lock­ling’s pat. plow, Milton St.

Lauterborn, John, cooper

Lozier, A., internal rev. assessor, Main St.

Munger, Rev. R. D., Methodist clergy­man, 11 Liberty St.

MARCELL, M. R., boots, shoes and rub­bers, 187 Main St.

McCurdy, John T., P. O. clerk

Montgomery, J., peddler

McCARTNEY & WHITEHEAD, boots, shoes, findings, leather, etc., 168 Main St.

McCartney,M., (McCartney & Whitehead)

Millington, E. H., operator, 166 Main St.

McCOLLUM, WILLIAM H., (Wilson, Mc­Collum & Co.,) 36 Ossian St.

Miller, W. H., house and sign painter, South St.

McNair, D. D., treasurer Woodruff paper company, Main St.

McCURDY, H. F., farmer 500 Gibson St.

McCURDY, JAMES M., farmer 78

McNair, Mrs., farmer 75

McWHORTER, C. W., farmer, 100

McWHORTER, JOHN, farmer 126

McLaughlin, Charles S., teamster

Murphy, John, nursery

McCARTNEY, LYDIA, farmer 143

MOREY, J. B., full blood Chester white swine, and farmer 250

Maxwell, O. B. & Co, props. Canaseraga Nursery, Main St.

Miller, Jacob, farmer 6

McNair, Rachel, washing, 22 Liberty St.

Noyes, D. W., attorney, Main St.

Neel, Dana, (Stuart & Neel)

Niles, N. W., farmer

Nelson, F. J.

NILES, C. N., drugs, medicines, paints, oils, &c., 174 Main St.

Nichols, Charles, machinist

OSGOOD, H. L. photographer over 131 Main St.

O’CONNOR, Mrs. MARY A. C.,. dress­maker, over 147 Main St.

Oswald, J. P., (Puffer & Oswald)

Owen, S. L. & L., farmers, 70

Opp, H. B., laborer

O’CONNOR, P. & P., blacksmithing, car­riage-ironing, etc., Milton St.

Our Home on the Hillside, a Hygienic Wa­ter Cure: Harriet N. Austin, James H. Jackson, Lucretia E. Jackson; Proprietors: James C. Jackson, M. D., physician-in-chief.

PROCCTOR, L. B., attorney, Smith’s block, Main St.

PRUSIA, Ms. J. C., milliner, 137 1/2 Main St.

Perham, L., watchmaker, 166 Main St.


PERINE, F. M., allopathic physician, res. 206, Main St.

PRATT, E. H., postmaster

POORE, L. D. F., (Robbins & Poore)

PUFFER & OSWALD, boots, shoes, find­ings, etc., 142 Main St.

Puffer, L. H., (Puffer & Oswald)

PRUSIA, J. B., millinery and fancy goods 136 Main St.

Pease, Simeon, shoemaker, Main St.

Perry, William, boatman

Pfundtner, P., (Bradley & Pfundtner)

PRICE, JONAS P., foremast Canaseraga Mills, Liberty St.

Perkins, James, attorney

PEAFF, ISAAC L., farmer, leases 86

Perine, W. W., (G. Sweet & Co.)

PRATT, E. H., (O. B. Maxwell & Co.)

PHILLIPS, J. E., builder, 21 Chestnut St.

PRILLIPS, J. R., builder, 20 Liberty St.

Phelps, Lester, blacksmith, Main St.

Pierson & Brewster, grape growers

Pierson, D. M., (Pierson & Brewster) 18 Elizabeth St.

PRESTON, GEORGE H., physician and surgeon, corner South and Walnut Streets

Patchin, E. W., physician, Elizabeth St.

Quigley, A., dentist, Main St.

Robbins, F. J., (Robbins & Poore)

Robbins & Poore, editors and proprietors Dansville Express, Main St.

RUMPFF, Rev. ADOLPUS, Lutheran clergyman and teacher in Seminary

Robinson, J. J. & M. 0., drugs, etc., 179 Main St.

Robinson, T. W., grocer, 185 Main St.

RIPLEY, L. G., watchmaker and jeweler, 168 Main St.

Rohner, John. laborer

Rowan, Dennis, blacksmith, Ossian St.

ROUDENBUSH, S. B. & BROTHER, furniture repairing, upholstery, etc., Exchange St.

Rondenbush, F. D., (Rondenbush & Bro.)

RLEIN, LOUIS, manuf. of compressed ratan,(imitation whalebone) Main St.

Roudenbush, William, foreman Faulkner’s mills

Readshaw, B. T., proprietor Forest Mills, Main St.

Robbins, Joseph, & Hyland, manufacturers of pails, Main St.

Roberts, James, farmer

Rauber, H., farmer, 7

Rowner, John, farmer 4

Russ, John, carpenter

Romig, Thomas, farmer 95

Ritter, Jacob, blacksmith, Franklin St.

Rauber, Stephen, farmer, leases 275

Reynale, William H., M. D.

SANFORD, H. R., A. M., principal Dansville Seminary

Sanford, Mrs. H. R., teacher in Dansville Seminary

Smith, J. W., (Van Derlip & Smith)

Squires, John, coal dealer, Main St.

SUTFIN, DAN, insurance agent, Ameri­can Hotel

SNYDER, THOMAS, groceries, crockery, wooden ware, etc., 129 Main St.

Steinhard, George, grocer, 117 Main St.

Sweet, Sidney, vice president First National Bank, Dansville

SWEET & GALLAGHER, groceries, provisions, etc., 173 Main St.

Sweet, A., (Sweet & Gallagher)

SCHLICK, H. N. & BRO., shaving, hair dressing, etc., 195 Main St.

Stedman, L. M., Yankee notions, 172 Main St.

STUART & NEEL, hardware, carpets, wall paper, etc., 170 Main St.

Stuart, J. L., (Stuart & Neel)

SMITH, M. V., U. S. Express agent 166 Main St.

Stanley, E. L., flour and feed, Main St.

Sharp, J. B., retired farmer, 10 Clinton St.

STEINHARDT, FRANK J., parlor shav­ing saloon, Canaseraga Hall block

SPRAGUE, H. A., billiard rooms, Harwood block, second floor

Sprague, E. A.

STEPHAN & BEEBE, general hardware dealers, 140 Main St.

Squires, W. W., butcher, 104 Main St.

Schario, Andrew, grocer, 106 Main St.

Steinhardt, Frank, gunsmith Exchange St.

Stewart, W. L., (Johnson & Stewart)

Schwingel, Henry, blacksmith

STONE, R. K., farmer 47

STONE, B. S., wagon maker

STOUT, M. T., (Hass, Stout & Co.) 212 Main St.

Suterlin, George, laborer

Sams, George, farmer 10

SCHENCK, GEORGE, foreman for A. Bradner, farmer, Main St.

Schurle, Andrew, farmer 40

Shull, D. R., carpenter and joiner

Seymour, O. T., foreman machine shop

SHEPARD & KELLYS, carriage factory, corner Main and Franklin St.

Shepard, John G., (Shepard & Kellys)

Sterner, Henry, farmer 135

STREET, GEORGE. W., finisher at paper mill

SHAFER, JOHN W., shoemaker, 62 Lib­erty St.

Southwick, T. T., nursery

Smith, Samuel A., painter, 91 Main St.

Shepard, G. W., M. D.

Sauerbier, John, stone mason

Schuster, George M , hotel, 111 Main St.

Schlick, Mrs. H. N., milliner, over 127 Main St.


Tousey, G. H., assistant post master

Trembly, I. R., speculator

Tiffany, C. V., (Hess & Tiffany)

Taylor, G. C., Clinton House, 207 Main St.

TOLES, GEORGE E., shoemaker, Main St.

TITSWORTH, J. E., dealer in flour, feed, grain and coal, Main St.

Thomas & Jones, manufacturers and deal­ers in furniture, 126 Main St.

THOMAS, WILLIAM, (Thomas & Jones)

TAFT, S. J., groceries and provisions, 108 Main St.

TUCKER & WALTER, livery and sale stables, Exchange St.

Tucker, James, (Tucker and Walter)

Thomas, George B., carriage manuf., Os­sian St.

Tilt, William, boatman

THOMAS, M. H., miller, Faulkner’s mills

Tompkins, Joseph, foreman Forest Mills

Toles, A. B., Superintendent of trout pond, (Faulk­ner Brothers’)

TUCKER, EDWARD, machine tender, paper mill

TIFFANY, STEPHEN, builder, res. 6 Liberty St.

Tilden, A. E., manufacturer liquid bluing, 17 & 19 Jefferson St.

Van Derlip & Smith, attorneys, 164 Main St.

Van Derlip, J. A., (Van Derlip & Smith)

Voorhees & Bonner, dry goods, &c., Main St.

Veith, William, cigar manuf., 187 Main St.

Vlum, John, shoemaker, 183 Main St.

Voorhees, George, patent right dealer, 26 Jefferson St.

Van Etten, Mrs. Carrie, dress maker, Franklin St.

Western New York Advertiser, A. O. Bun­nell, editor and proprietor

WALBUON, REV. ALBERT, Lutheran clergyman, 200 Main St.

Wilkinson, John, attorney, Main St.

WING, H., prop. Lozier House, Ossian St.

WARKLEY, J. W., groceries, provisions, and bakery, 156 Main St.

Welch, William, livery stable, office Amer­ican Hotel

Walter, Thomas, (Tucker & Walter)

Wood, Ralph T., attorney, Main St.

Wilson, McCollum & Co., blacksmiths, carriage ironing, etc., Ossian St.

WILSON, G. S., (Wilson, McCollum & Co.) 25 Perine St.

Webb, L. D., stage driver, boards 9 Ca­nal St.

WINCHELL, JAMES., boatman, Franklin St.

WHITEMAN, REUBEN, coal, water lime and lumber, Ossian St.

Willis, William F., foreman sash and blind factory

Williams, E. T., merchant miller

WILLIAMS, J. C. & CO., nursery, 25 South St.

Willey, C. B. millwright and farmer 23

Weber John, sawyer

Waggoner John S., house and sign paint­er, 38 Main St.

Waynend, Michael, saloon, Main St.

Welch William H., farmer

Welch, Conrad, farmer 190

WEBER, JOHN J., farmer, leases 50

Williamson George, farmer, leases 46


Wood, A. T., attorney, Main St.

Wilklow, Peter, cooper

WHEATON, R., builder, 7 South St.

WOOD, T. F., carpenter & joiner, Elizabeth St.

WHITEMAN, SAMUEL, carpenter and joiner, Exchange St.

WILLIAMS, S. P. & CO., nursery, 95 Main St.

Yochum, Joseph, cooper, Leonard St.

ZERFASS, GEORGE, farmer 195

Zerfass, John, farmer 2

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