New Gazetter & Business Directory
of Livingston, NY, 1868

By G. Emmet Stetson

Town of Nunda - 1868
Byersville 1868

The following residents of the town of Nunda receive their mail at Byersville:

CRAPSEY, ISAAC, leases 260

Nunda 1868

The following residents of the town of Nunda receive their mail at Nunda:

ADAMS,S. B., foreman Nunda News, East St.

Atkins, D. S., (Slocum & Atkins,) State St.

ASPINWALL, A. A., ready-made clothing, gents’ furnishing goods, Ac., East St.

Adams, Rev. H., East St.

Austin, Isaac, farmer 20

Adams, Nicholas, farmer, leases 3

Bliss, Lewis, foreman Nunda Novelty Works, State St.

BAGLEY, H., planing mill & joiner shop, State St.

Brewer & Ray, wagon makers, State St.

Brewer, Henry, (Brewer & Ray)

Bowen, James U., house sign and car­riage painter, State St.

Briggs, John W., cabinet maker, State St.

BENNETT, JOHN R., gunsmith, State St. res. 15 Portage St.

BREWER, J. C., proprietor Eagle Hotel, State St.

Batterson & Co., commission merchants, corner State and Mill Sts.

Batterson, T. J., (Batterson & Co.)

Batterson, O., (Batterson & Co.)

Bowen, Mrs. J. R., millinery, Mill St.

Bauer & Osgoodby, attorneys and counselors at law, cor. State & First Sts.

Bowhall, Mrs. M. J., sewing, Mill St.

Brace, Luman, carriage trimming, Mill St.

Brown, John., mason


BOYD, W. H., foreman of Nunda Mills, Mill St.

Bailey, Mary Elizabeth, Church St.

Bennett, T. C., farmer 110

Baker, Jonas, carriage manuf., East St.

Benson, William, farmer, 9, East St.

Boll, A., lumber dealer, Massachusetts St.

Brinkerhoff, James, Massachusetts St.

Barber, James, teamster

Brinkerhoff, Thomas, constable, Vermont St.

Brewer, Havillah, mason, Vermont St.

Banker, John W., farmer 60

Barrett, O. W., farmer 217

Bennett, Liberty, farmer 30

Bennett, R. G. & Co., prop. Teranan Mills

Batterson, David, farmer 60

Batterson, Orland, farmer 112

Brinkerhoff, J. V., farmer 75

Baylor, William, farmer 170

BAILEY, WM., farmer 137

BISHOP, Mrs. LOVINA, farmer 2

Burgess, Abraham, farmer 97 ˝


Barker, M. O., surveyor and farmer 90

BARKER, SETB S., hop grower and far­mer126

BARKER, AMOS, hop grower and farm­er 110

BARKER, William M., sawyer

Barker, O. W., hop grower and farmer 68

Barker, C., hop grower and farmer 71

Bush, John O., hop grower and farmer 56


Barker, Jesse, farmer 50

Burrell, Edward, farmer 192

BOWEN, STEPHEN A., farmer 108

Bowen, William, T., teacher and farmer 50

Black, Mrs. Elizabeth, farmer 48

BREWER, C. T., master mechanic and farmer 48 3/4

Banes, Russell, farmer 50

Brewer, Jesse, farmer 18

Coon & Robinson, druggists, State St.

COBY, ABNER C., blacksmith and car­riage manuf., State St.

CRAIG, JAMES & CO., dry goods, groceries, &c., Mill St.

CLINTON, William H., prop. Star Saloon, No. 8 Portage

Culver Miss S., dress and cloak making, First St.

Conrad, B. C. surgeon dentist, residence Mill St.

COFFIN, W. S., attorney and counselor at law, First St.

Chalker, Henry, attorney at law, Mill St.

Clough, Nathaniel, Mass. St.

Crombie, A., clerk

CHRISTIE, WM., peddler of tin and glass ware

COON, William, poor master, Vermont St.

CRANE, GEORGE W., millwright

Carter & Dagett, atty.’s at law, State St.

Carver, Ralph W., farmer 46

Cranston, Mrs. Corrintha, farmer 94

Chambers, James, farmer 50

Chase, Mrs. Nancy, farmer 30

Chase, Joseph, farmer

Chambers, Samuel, leases 200

CONNET, Mrs. C., farmer 35

Connell, David O., leases 4

Coats, M. H., farmer 75

Coats, Miss Nancy

Chase, H. E., hop grower and farmer 7

Cooper, John, farmer 125

Cooper, Samuel, farmer 268

Corwin, David, farmer S

Chandeler, J. W., farmer 98

Conklin, George W, leases 110

Coy, Heel, farmer 108

Chittenden, D. H., teacher

Close, William, farmer 40

CLOSE, JOHN, farmer 85

Chittenden, Harvey, farmer 120

Craig, James, & Co., farmers 160

CRAIG, R., (James Craig & Co.)

CRUMMACK, JOHN, farmer 115

Confor, David, leases 50

Chidsey, George, farmer 62

DAGGETT, H., photo. artist, State St.

DARE, H.M., attorney and editor of Liv­ingston Democrat, State St.

Dunn, Miss Kezzie M., teacher of orna­mental branches

Depuy, Peter, groceries. State St.

Deffler, William, blacksmith

Davidson, J.E, boots and shoes, State St.

Dake, Moses, hardware merchant, State St.

Duryee, George M., farmer 100

Draw, Willoughby, farmer 36

Duryee, William. H. & Son, breeders of Span­ish merino sheen and farmers 80

DURYEE, JOHN C., (W. H, Duryee & Son)

Degroff, Abraham, breeder of Spanish merino sheep and farmer 180

Duryee, Mrs. Eliza A., farmer 77

Dickenson, E. O., stock dealer and farmer 250


Dickey, William, farmer 75


Elwood, Mrs. H., dressmaker, State St.

Edson, Rev. James L., East St.

EMO, M., moulder, Mass. St.

EVINS, BALY, laborer

FAIRMAN, CHARLES, A. M., principal Nunda Academy

Foot, Chester, owns farm 120, East St.

Foot, John, farmer 30, East St.

Foot, Charles B., tanner & carrier, East St.

Fraley, Joseph, farmer

Ford, Nicholas, farmer 55

Fisher, William, farmer 57

FULLER, HENRY F., farmer 15

Fuller, William C., farmer 54

Frayer & Tallman, farmers 110

Frayer, Miles, (Prayer and Tallman)

FULLER, Mrs. H. M.

GIBBS & WHEELER, manufacturer of engines, Bailer’s mill gearing, &e., State St.

GROVER, H. C., patent agent, East St.

Gilbert, Mrs. Sarah J., East St.

Gilmore, John, allop. physician, Vermont St.

GILMORE, N., clerk, First St.

Gilmore, Mrs. N., agent for Weed & Howe’s sewing machines, First St.

Gibbs, George H., State St.

GREENFIELD, R. H., stage driver, First St.

Gaily, A. H., farmer 51

GRIMES, JOHN D., farmer 96

Grimes, & P., farmer 95

Grimes, Orrin, hop grower and farmer 57

GRANDY, J. T., sawyer and farmer 41

Goldthwait, Alford, farmer 24

Goldthwait, Norton S., farmer 112

Gormal, Joseph, farmer 125

Houghton & Co., dealers in boots and shoes, State St.

Houghton, William, (Houghton & Co.)

Houghton, A. S., (Houghton & Co.)

Hunt, J. C., butcher and produce dealer, State St.

Herrick, C. W., clocks, watches and Jew­elry, East St.

Herdendorf, Joseph H., boarding house, East St.

Hammond, W. D., justice of the peace, East St.

Hume, M. A, wholesale clothing store, 358 Broadway, New York, and re­tail store No. 3, East St., Nunda

Herrick, J. C, Jewelry

Hills, Almon, farmer

Howell, James, painter, Holmes St.

Hills, M. T., leases 147

Hamsher, John, farmer 48

Hamsher, John M., farmer 14

HILLYER, EZEKIEL, carpenter and farmer 18

Hughs, Richard, farmer 57

Hughs, Pat, farmer 20

Hitchcox, Merit, farmer, 59

Hill, Horace, farmer 20

HUNT, FREDRICK B., farmer 17l

Hammond, Simon, farmer 20

HUME, Mrs. M. A., Church St.

JACOBS, L. D., shaving, hair dressing and shampooing, State St.

JACKSON, BENNETT. parlor shaving sa­loon, State St.

JOHNSON, I. M., M. D., liniment for man or beast, East St.

Jones, Samuel T., leases 40

JONES, JOHN C., farmer 375

Jillson, O., farmer 175

Jones, Jesse, farmer 35

Jackson, William, engineer

Knowlton, Mrs. E. M., Preceptress

Kinsley, A. J., dentist

King, C. W., groceries and hardware, State St.

Kendall, Mrs. & Willitt, milliners, dress and cloak makers, East St.

Kiley, Thomas stone cutter, owns 3

Keating, Thomas, farmer 229

King, Charles, farmer 25

King, Henry, farmer 72

Lyna, A. & Cc., photographers, State St.

Lovell, R., baker, State St.

LAKE, B. fi., dealer in hardware

Lemon, Capt. James, postmaster, State St.

LAKE, E. P., proprietor Broadway store, Mill St.

LOVELL, B. W., printer

LINDSLEY, SHERMAN S., excelsior dinning saloon, East St.

La CLAIRE & ALTAG, manuf. of all kinds of cooperage, State St.


Lankton, Clark, cooper

LAMPERT & SHAUT, tanners & curriers

Lampert, Harvey, (Lampert & Shaut)

Long, William, U. S. Navy

Lumsden, David F., insurance agent

Lowe, John, farmer 76

LOVEJOY, Mrs. AMIRA, farmer 15

Lewis, S. B., farmer 41

LOCKWOOD, ALVA, farmer 60

Lockwood, George W., farmer 38

Lockwood, Sidney, farmer 142

McNair, Miss Bell, teacher in the primary department of Nunda Academy

Miller, Nelson & Co., proprietor Nunda Mills, Mill St.

McCullough, Samuel L., custom tailor, State St.

Maifeld, Martin, harness maker, First St.

Metcalf, W., variety store, books, sta­tionary, &c., First St.

MORRIS, JOS., merchant tailor, gents’, furnishing goods, East St.

Myers, Monroe, master mechanic, (carpenter)

MARTIN, HENRY, president of Baltimore Copper Company, East St.

Mills, George, stock dealer and farmer, 215, Church St.

Mars, Rev. L. G., Church St.

Miers, James, carpenter and joiner, Ver­mont St.

Moyer, U. B., carpenter & Joiner Holmes St.

McMaster, Hurbert & Alonzo, farmers 50

Monroe, James, farmer 35

Monroe, Joseph, farmer 50

Morse, Hiram, farmer 27

McNair, J. C., farmer 50


Miller, Johnson, farmer 60

Myers, Peter, farmer 72


Murray, Patrick, farmer 50

MERICK, D. S., stock dealer & farmer 51

KILLER, ASHER, laborer

MOFFET, JAMES, leases 130

More, John, laborer

McNair, Hugh, farmer 193

McKeown, HUGH, farmer 86

NICHOLS, S, prop. Nichols Hotel, corner State and Portage Sts.

Nash, Joseph, blacksmith

NEWTON, Mrs. SOPHIA, dress making and boarding house, First St.

Newville, Abram, farmer 64

NORRIS, JAMES W., farmer 83

Nicholas, Charles, farmer 4

Netler, Peter, farmer 62

Olney, O., attorney and counselor at law, 6, Portage St.

Oppenheimer, A., ready-made clothing, State St.

Onley, Ransom, attorney and counselor at law, Mill St.

Olney, John F., foreman cheese factory

Pruner, D. W. C., foreman Livingston Democrat, State St.

Peck, C. & F.C., attorneys in the State and U. S. courts, State St.

Patterson, G. G,, livery, 13 Portage St.

PERINE, M. B., pat. right dealer, State St.

Pain, L.F. & J.A., grocers and dealers in produce, coat &c., corner State and East Sts.

Price, John, billiards

Packard, E. W., attorney and counselor at law. Mill St.

Porter, Martin L., printer, State St.

POTTER, A. L. L., homeopathic physician, res. North Gibbs St.

PROVO, JOHN, cooper, Vermont St.

Page, John W., farmer 10

Packard, Horatio N., farmer 60

PRESTON, E., breeder Herford cattle, leases 100

PAGE, ALBERT, farmer 200

PAGE, H. D., farmer 80

Pratt, David, manuf. of cider, shingles and spokes

Paine, William D., farmer 126

PAINE, WELLS, farmer 146

Paine, E. J., stock dealer and farmer 117

Prescott, Albert H., farmer 140

Paine, Carlos, manuf. of lumber and far­mer 50

PAINE, NANCY, farmer 40

PETTEYS, E. J., leases 136

PASSAGE, DANIEL, lumber dealer and farmer 150

PRICE, DANIEL, leases 150


Rider, Edward, carpenter and joiner, State St.

Ray, Francis, (Brewer & Ray)

Rose, Cyrus, farmer 250

Reckard, Samuel, sexton, State St.

Root, Edwin, gen'l speculator, State St.

Rude, Mrs. M. B., No. 10 Buffalo St.

RANSOM. J. M., wholesale dealer in pianos, organs and melodeons, 2 Buffalo St.

ROBERTS, SILAS G., farmer 70

ROBBERTS, PETER, farmer 55

ROBERTS, DAVID M., farmer 80

Ratchford, Patrick, farmer 73

Ryan, Dan, farmer 49

Rice, Elijah A., farmer 59

Rowley, Hiram, farmer

RICHARD, MICHAEL U., farmer 90 3/4

Robinson, Rufus, farmer 140

Reddell, William, farmer 3

Rulison, Charles H., farmer 60

RUNYAN, JOSEPH, farmer 28

Rulison, John, farmer 28

Rollah, B. F., Insurance agent, East St.

Satterlee, Halsey, blacksmithing, State St.

Shave, William, night watch, State St.

SATTERLEE, J. B., wagon maker, State St.

SLOCUM & ATKINS, butchers and deal­ers In fresh and salt meats, State St.

Slocum, P. G., (Slocum & Atkins)

Shaw, C. W., harness making and livery, 12 Portage St.

SANDERS, CHANCRY K., editor Nunda News, East St.

Satterlee, E., lumber dealer, Mill St.

Stilson, Lyman, engraver, Mill St.

Shaut, Joseph E., (Lamport & Shaut)

Sabin, John, B. physician and surgeon, State St.

Skinner Alfred, clerk, Center St.

Snyder, Mrs. L. K., farmer 80

Spencer, Utley, Church St.

Sanders, Benjamin, Church St.

SMITH, CHRISTIAN, dealer in marble, Second St.

Stilwell, James, farmer 140

Sturgeon, Samuel, farmer 225

Sargent, F. W., farmer 5

SHELL, GRERGE W., foreman Teranan mills

SEELYE, Mae. EMILY, farmer 117

SHUTE, HENRY, farmer 48

Smith, Martin, farmer 47

SHUTE, ALFRED, farmer 84

Smith, William., hop grower and farmer 40

Seager, Rev. Jacob

Satterlee, Mrs. P.


TUTHILL, D. M., cabinet maker, State St.

Thomas, C.K. &. F.P., drugs and medicines, State St.

TWICHELL, W.A., manuf. and dealer in boots and shoes, 2, cor. State and Portage Sts.

Townsend, John H., farmer 282

Townsend, John V., farmer

Townsend, Peter, H., farmer

Teeple, William, farmer 90

Tracy, John, farmer 125

Tallman, Miles W., (Frayer & Tallman)

Tyler, Hem., laborer

Town, Ira, farmer 135

TOWN, FRANCIS M., farmer

Tower, B., artist

TURRILL, JOHN O., farmer 43

Upson, S. C., shop, physician, Center St.

Van Nest, A.R., Massachusetts St.

Vrooman, J. B., clergyman, Church St.

Vansykle, Holloway, leases 114

Vanslyke, Derrick, farmer 30


VANQRSALL, JOHN, farmer 70

Van Deventer, George, farmer 56

Veley, Michael, farmer 144

*Whitcomb, W., hanker, Mill St.

Whitcomb, W. B. & Co., dry goods, etc., State St.

Whitcomb, S. P., (W. B. Whitcomb & Co.)

Whitehead, L., dealer in harness, trimmings, whips, etc., State St.

Warner, L. B., dealer in dry goods State St.

Wheeler, Mrs. Charlotte, State St.

WOODWORTH, J. H., patentee of hop pole puller, manuf. horse rakes, &c

Willett, Mrs. T. J., Mill St.

Warford, S. B., contractor, Moss St.

Willie, Joseph, farmer, 40

Wright, R. M., knife maker, Mass, St.

Willard, Wilson, cabinetmaker, Seward St.

Williams, Robert, farmer 1

Willey, Paul H., mason and farmers 9

Whitenack, Isaac, farmer 75

WESTCOTT, William F., farmer 70

Wallace, Thomas, farmer 45

Warren N, farmer 60

Walworth, Daniel, farmer 100

White, Otis, farmer 30

Wescott, John, farmer 110

Zubler, Jacob. shoemaker, State St.

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