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How To Read the 1917 Farm Directory

How To Read the 1917 Farm Directory Information:

The following information contains many abbreviations used in the original 1917 printing of the American Agriculturist Farm Directory. These can some times be confusing. I have tried to simplify the family farm descriptions, however, in the interest of space, I have also abbreviated many items. Here are the most used abbreviations:

a = acre

ach = adult child

H&L = home and lot

Mch = minor child

Min = minor as in minor child or children

O = owns

PO = Post Office

R = rents

RD#= Rural Delivery (mail)

Res = residence

T = telephone

To sell = this is what the farm has to sell

WOS = works on shares


Densmore, Clarence P. (Sarah) 2 min child "Conesus Lake Stock" (wheat bean potat.) to sell Hay reg. Holstein o 109a r 100a RD #1, Livonia PO, res Twn Livonia T H21 1917 Dir.

What it means:

Clarence P. Densmore and his wife (or business partner if a man’s name is in the parenthesis) named Sarah had 2 minor children. Their farm was names "Conesus Lake Stock". They raised wheat, beans and potatoes. They have Hay to sell. They also raise registered Holstein cows. They own (o) 109 acres (a), they rent (r) 100 acres, get their mail on rural delivery route #1 from the Livonia Post Office and they are residents of the Town of Livonia. They have a telephone (T) and their farm (residence) is located at H21 of the map that came with the American Agriculturist Farm Directory of 1917.


Dennison, Mrs. Leona S. 3 adult child "Edgewood" (hay) to sell beans owns 130a RD# 2, Tuscarora PO, res Twn West Sparta T H24 1917 Dir.

What it means:

Mrs. Leona Dennison, has three adult children, live on farm called "Edgewooed" whose principal crop is hay. They have beans to sell. They own 130 acres and are get their mail at Rural Delivery Route #2 of the Tuscarora Post Office. Though they get their mail from the Tuscarora Post office, they actually live in the Town of West Sparta. They have a telephone. They are located at map location H24 and this data was found in the American Agriculturist Farm Directory of 1917.

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